“My Name Is Rachel”: A Reality Fit For Orwell

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time Monday:

Another missile has been “misfired” by Palestinian terrorists out of Gaza at southern Israel.  Whereas the missile launched two days ago landed in the Gush Katif section of northern Gaza, the rocket fired this afternoon crashed into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of northern Gaza.

Have you seen any mention of these launches anywhere in the media?


Your humble servant is always struck by the extraordinary efforts of the Israeli “arts” community to delegitimize and undermine our own country. Whether they be filmmakers producing virulently anti-Israel films to be used by anti-Israel forces around the world or Israeli actors and actresses refusing to perform in Israeli cities like Ariel, these self-proclaimed “artists” must constantly be named and shamed.  

Your humble servant was struck by the following announcement a few days ago:

British play about Rachel Corrie now in Hebrew (In Israel)

This week sees the opening of the Teatronoto Festival for monodramas. One of the highlights is the production of “My Name is Rachel,” a play that follows the events that led Corrie, a 24-year-old- American woman from Washington, to her death under the bulldozer, on the border with Gaza.

The play, first presented at the Edinburgh Festival, was taken up by the Royal Court Theatre in London, and has been shown in dozens of countries. The Israeli premiere took place five years ago with a production of the Al Midan Theater, but this will be the first time that it will be presented in Hebrew.

In describing why he decided to put on the play, director Ari Remez said that even though “Israel is not in Gaza anymore, and the security reasoning behind using the bulldozers has been forgotten, the words she used in her diaries, emails and messages to describe what she saw, paint a reality that is still alive.”

What hokum. Rachel Corrie’s words are nothing more than the juvenile ruminations and rantings of an international lawbreaker. In fact, this blog has extensively covered the story of Rachel Corrie, most recently in “Rachel Corrie Died in ‘An Accident She Brought Upon Herself’.”

In discussing those who want to see Israeli government funding for the Teatronto Festival ended because of the play, Remez commented that he is unsurprised: “We live in a reality that is fit for the writings of George Orwell.”

How true.

How else can one explain how a common, garden variety criminal terrorist who allowed herself to be used and abused by the International Solidarity Movement and who (in the words of an Israeli judge) created the accident which caused her own death, be extolled as a “human rights” activist whose “words of wisdom” should give us insight into what is happening in Israel today?

It is indeed Orwellian.


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