“When You Need Them They Appear In All Their Beauty”

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time Friday:

*Palestinian terrorism has been centered this afternoon around Ofra and Bethlehem. In Ofra, a Palestinian mob attacked Israeli security personnel with “rocks” while other Palestinian terrorists assaulted Israeli Border Guards with IEDs at Rachel’s Tomb. Out on road 443 in Samaria, a Molotov cocktail hurled by Palestinians apparently set an Israeli bus on fire, but the passengers managed to escape.

*Intense military activity has taken place along the Israel-Lebanon border in the wake of yesterday’s IAF shootdown of a Hezbollah drone that had infiltrated Israeli airspace. All during the day, IAF jets have been engaging in “mock attacks” over southern Lebanon while the Lebanese have announced they are increasing their troops along the border.


Adele Biton--before the terrorism that almost took her life.

Adele Biton–before the Palestinian terrorism that almost took her life.

Today’s blog is devoted to an update to the Adele Biton story.  As you may remember, Adele is the three year old girl who was gravely injured on March 14th when her mother’s car was hit by Palestinian terrorist rock throwers on the Trans-Samaria highway.

Adele remains in a medically induced coma, but doctors have upgraded her condition from “critical” to “serious”. Yesterday, her family celebrated her third birthday with her in her room in the ICU at the renowned Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Petach Tikvah.

Adele's mother, Adva, beside birthday balloons and a sign celebrating her 3rd birthday yesterday.

Adele’s mother, Adva, beside birthday balloons and a sign celebrating her 3rd birthday yesterday.

Her mother Adva said this: “We constantly try to send positive energies to Adele, and believe this is what will help her. We are optimistic and believe she will wake up. We placed a huge balloon in her room, and people keep coming by, bearing gifts. Adele has earphones on at all times and she is listening to her favorite songs.”

Adele's family in her room yesterday.

Adele’s family in her room yesterday.

Adva went on to say:  “It is important for me to make it clear that we do not miss Adele; she is alive and is with us, and it is a great miracle sent from above; this is what we believe. We draw a lot of strength from the many people who visit us from all across the country and encourage us. People in Israel constantly complain, but when you need them they appear in all their beauty.”

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Adele continues to improve and is awakened soon into the loving arms of her family. Wherever you are, send Adele some positive energy today!

*Israelstreet would like to thank Yediot Aharonot news for elements of this story.





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