What are Netanyahu, the IDF, and the Jerusalem Police So Afraid Of?

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time Thursday:

The new community of Eviatar established on top of a hill in Samaria this morning.

The new community of “Eviatar” (on the sign), established on top of a hill overlooking the Tapuach Junction in Samaria yesterday.

*Yesterday afternoon, the Samaria Regional Council began to construct a new Jewish community in Samaria in memory of Eviatar Borovsky, 31, who was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist at the Tapuah Junction two days ago.

Council Head Gershon Mesika, who is sitting Borovsky’s shiva at the new community site,  spoke for many of us when he said that Borovsky’s “blood should not be spilled in vain.”

*Chief Israeli Concession Giver Tzipi Livni has left for Washington to meet with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to try to figure out more concessions that Israel can give the Palestinians in order to get PLO Head Mahmoud Abbas to return to the concession table.

And so the Kerry-Livni dance of death for Israel begins--with Netanyahu's blessing.

And so the Kerry-Livni dance of death for Israel begins–with Netanyahu’s blessing.

It should be an especially easy job to accomplish now that PM Netanyahu has announced that Israeli territory no longer matters to Israel. 


Yesterday was another day in which the sheer cowardice of current Israeli government and Jerusalem police stood in stark contrast to the heroic bravery of our IDF soldiers of the past. 

The Paratrooper Brigade which helped to liberate the Old City of Jerusalem in 1967 and with it the Temple Mount “The Temple Mount is Ours!” was denied a permit to retrace their footsteps in an anniversary ceremony scheduled for next month.

One of the most iconic photographs of the 1967 war as Israeli paratroopers ready to enter the Old City. Now, incredibly, they have been blocked from entering the same way by the Jerusalem Police.

One of the most iconic photographs of the 1967 war as Israeli paratroopers ready to enter the Old City through the Lion’s Gate. Now, incredibly, they have been blocked from entering the same way by the Jerusalem Police.

Stop and think about this for a moment. The same paratroopers that took the Temple Mount are now being told that they cannot return to the Old City and the Temple Mount through the same gate that they entered in 1967.

Where has happened to the brave Israeli character?

Tanks entering through the Lion’s Gate in 1967. What has happened to the brave Israeli character?

As the Jerusalem police incredibly explained yesterday, the Islamic Wakf will not permit non-Muslims to enter through the Lion’s Gate–the same one that the paratroopers entered through on that glorious day back in 1967.  According to the Wakf, the use of that gates by non-Muslims “defiles” the gate. 

What can you say?

For their part, the paratroopers are not taking the police decision lying down; they have vowed to fight it in the Israel Supreme Court.

The episode with the paratroopers dovetails with the shocking decision yesterday of Likud Beiteinu Interior Committee Chairwoman Miri Regev to cancel her committee’s tour of the Temple Mount.


As you may not know, Regev had promised that the first action of her Committee would be to go to the Temple Mount and reassert the Jewish right to pray at the holiest site in Judaism. Her committee’s visit was to have taken place next week.

So what happened?

The Jerusalem Police struck again. They convinced Regev that such a visit would “cause unrest in the Arab world” because . . . (you won’t believe this) . . . “the Arab media would falsely report that the Regev Committee would enter the Al-Aksa Mosque.” Regev opined that she had come to the conclusion that if her committee visit could cause “unrest”, she didn’t think it should take place.

Your humble servant has always admired Regev, but her utter transformation yesterday was revolting. She even went so far as to say that, after years of stating otherwise, the right of Jews to pray at the Mount is now “an issue that requires thorough examination.” 

Yesterday, israelstreet reported that the IDF was fearful that Jewish response to the Borovsky murder would spark a third intifada; last week israelstreet reported that Palestinian terrorist hunger strikers were being released early because the Israeli government was afraid of what would happen if one of them died in custody; in previous months, israelstreet has reported how the IDF is fearful of striking back at Hamas because it might start another “war” like that which occurred last November.

An all-pervasive fear has gripped the Israeli government from Netanyahu’s Office to the IDF to the Jerusalem police. Why is the government suddenly so afraid of what the Palestinians might do? 

What has happened to the brave Israeli paratrooper mentality that helped take the Old City in 1967? Where has the “let the Arabs do what they want and we will deal with it” attitude?

It has gone the way of political correctness in our governmental and security leaders, but it is still alive and well in the Israeli people. 



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