Where In The World Is The IDF?

UPDATE 6 pm Israel time Friday:

Talks between Tzipi Livni and John Kerry took place in Washington, D.C. yesterday with both self-proclaimed “peacemakers” trying to come up with new concessions that Israel can give to the Palestinians.

As Muhamed Shtayyeh, one of the main Palestinian “negotiators” pointed out: “We want Israel to give. The Arabs are not required to give.” 

In the context of a possible new peace agreement with the Palestinians, King Bibi (aka PM Netanyahu) announced that he was in favor of an Israeli public referendum on whatever agreement might be produced. 

Thank you King Bibi. The fact is that a 2010 law requires that any peace agreement that involves “ceding” land be approved by a 2/3 vote of the Knesset, or failing that, a majority of the Israeli people in a referendum.

By the way, Tzipi Livni commented yesterday that the Israeli public should NOT be permitted to vote in such a referendum: “Difficult decisions must be made by leaders.”


**There have been multiple assaults on Israelis in Judea and Samaria during the last 24 hours–including at least two shooting attacks and a number of “rock” throwing “incidents”.  

Where in the world has the IDF been as these attacks have been taking place?

Under the direction of Gen. Nitzan Alon of the IDF Central Command, the IDF busied itself last night and early this morning with destroying the two buildings of the new community of Eviatar (actually 1 tent and one makeshift building) where approximately 20 people were sitting shiva for Eviatar Borovsky–murdered by a Palestinian terrorist earlier this week. 

Sophia Borovsky,  Eviatar’s widow, blasted Alon this afternoon:The man [Alon] who should be responsible for the security of Jews in Judea and Samaria, and who failed in in his role in preventing my husband’s murder, showed he has no heart by destroying our new community.”

**In the meantime, 250 Palestinians from Ramallah, Jenin, and Shechem were arrested in Eilat this morning by the Eilati police and Border Guards. Believe it or not, they simply got on buses, drove through Israel proper, and stopped at the Red Sea. They were captured at two hotels in the city where they had registered as “Israelis.”

Where in the world was the IDF in this sorry episode?

Apparently, doing nothing more than waving these Palestinians through checkpoints willy nilly and helping send the Palestinians on their great Israeli vacation.

**Southern Israel continues under rocket attack with two more Qassams hitting the Eshkol Regional Council area around Sderot last night around 8:30 pm.

Where in the world was the IDF in trying to stop these attacks?

As usual, nowhere to be seen. But wait . . . the IDF Gaza Division Commander, Brigadier General Mickey Edelstein was in Sderot this morning speaking to high school students who briefly at least were not confined to their bomb shelters.

Edelstein had the unmitigated gall to tell the students that southern Israel would not return to the same pattern of rocket fire as in the past (which has never stopped). He then added this:  “We do not want to go back to the world of 15 seconds. Today Hamas and others in Gaza are working to stop any fire and they do not always succeed. Where not, the IDF acts. “

Can you even believe this? Can you believe that we now have the IDF Gaza Commander praising Hamas for working to stop the rocket fire–and saying that “poor Hamas” does not always succeed?  And if Hamas doesn’t succeed, then the IDF will act.

Your humble servant is going be sick. 


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