The Palestinians Refuse To Negotiate, Again


It has been another great month for israelstreet, and your humble servant would like to thank all of you dear readers. israelstreet reached 45 out of 50 states in the United States and more than 110 countries around the world, as usual.

Here’s a list of some of the places where visitors to this site have come from in the last 8 hours alone (I realize this is skewed to the “west” because of the current time):

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Wherever you are reading this, thank you! And thank you for helping to get the word out about Israel.

UPDATE 8 am Israel time Monday:

*Hundreds of thousands remain in the streets of Egypt at this hour protesting the anniversary of Mohamed Morsi’s ascension to power. Nevertheless, for the moment, the police and Army remain relatively restrained, even as Muslim Brotherhood offices have been sacked and burned across the country.

*The results of yesterday’s Likud party elections are in. Danny Danon has been chosen the Chairman of the Likud Central Committee; Israel Katz was elected Chairman of the Likud Secretariat; Ze’ev Elkin has been chosen Chair of the Likud’s ideological committee. The results are as predicted and indicate a fundamental and dramatic shift within the Likud ranks–away from Likud’s titular leader, PM Netanyahu.


You may remember, dear reader, that your humble servant delayed release of yesterday’s blog because of an impending press conference that John Kerry was supposed to have held at Ben Gurion airport to announce a major breakthrough in the efforts to get the Palestinians back to “Israeli concessions” table.

But that breakthrough never materialized.

While Kerry reported that “substantial progress had been made” and “gaps had been narrowed”, Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO refused to play ball and even added new preconditions–most notably the demand that Israel commit to handing over properties supposedly belonging to individual Palestinians since 1948.

As usual, all of Kerry’s efforts focused on Israel as he cajoled Netanyahu into ever greater commitments of what Israel will do for “peace”–all the while extracting nothing whatsoever from the Palestinians. 

According to published reports this morning, in Kerry’s third and final meeting with Abbas yesterday, he handed Abbas a new proposal designed to get the “negotiations” off the ground. That proposal “includes the principles and formulas for the resumption of negotiations and a series of gestures that Israel is ready to perform before and after renewal.” The proposal was the outgrowth of the long meeting that Kerry had with Netanyahu the night before.

The absurdity of the situation cannot be overstated. Kerry held meeting after meeting with Netanyahu to wring concessions out of Israel so that he could then run to Ramallah and beg the Palestinians to meet Israel in face to face negotiations. Remember that these concessions that Netanyahu is offering are not for peace; they are merely to get the Palestinians to talk about peace.

What is even one concession that the Palestinians are willing to make for peace?

There isn’t one and there never has been.  


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