The Labeling of Israeli Products: What It Really Means

UPDATE 10 am Israel time Tuesday, July 2, 2013

*The situation in Egypt continues to degrade. President Morsi has declared that the 48 hour military ultimatum of yesterday is baseless. Overnight, the Egyptian Army took over the city of Fayum and deposed its governor. Meanwhile, Egyptian tanks and heavy armor have been moved to the Sinai border.

*Yesterday, an Israeli military appeals court validated the 2012 purchase of Beit Hamachpela, a three story apartment building across from the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

The Hamachpela building in Hebron.

The Hamachpela building in Hebron, the white multi-story building to the left in the picture.  (photo: Marc Sellem, Jerusalem Post).

You may remember that back on April 4, 2012, despite being shown proof of purchase, the IDF forcibly evicted some fifteen Jewish families from the building on the claim of a Palestinian purporting to still be the owner.

The building has remained boarded up since that time. By the way, the Palestinian who sold the building to the Jewish community currently sits in a Palestinian jail sentenced to death for selling the building to Jews.

Does this mean that the Jewish owners of the apartments can now move back into their homes? Of course not. First, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has to give them permission to do so–and the owners should not hold their breaths waiting for this to happen.

After all, another such house known as Beit Hashalom was also ruled to legally belong to Jews back in 2012 by the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court. 

The Beitshalom House--still unlived in despite court rulings.

The Beitshalom House–still unlived in despite court rulings.

That building also remains boarded up–this time pending an appeal by the Palestinian squatters who claimed that they “owned” the building by virtue of squatting there.


File this blog under the category of “the extreme Left just doesn’t get it and never has.”

In Eilat, the globetrotting Israeli left-wing Justice Minister Tzipi Livni had this to say yesterday about why Israel should make more concessions to bring Mahmoud Abbas to the so-called “negotiating” table:

“Europe is boycotting goods. True, it starts with settlement products, but their problem is with Israel, which is seen as a colonialist country. Therefore, it won’t stop at the settlements, but will spread to all of Israel.”

What people like Livni just don’t get is that boycotts against Jews are nothing new, and there is nothing that Israel can do short of ceasing to exist that will stop boycotts against it.

"Germans protect yourselves. Do not buy from Jews" reads the sign--Europe is back to 1933 again.

“Germans protect yourselves. Do not buy from Jews” reads the sign–Europe is back to 1933 again.

Europe, in particular, has become once again (as if it ever was not) the bastion of anti-Semitism. The boycotts that Europe enacts and proposes are not against Israel; they are against the Jews–just as they were almost one hundred years ago.

This is the labeling that Europeans and others want on all Jewish goods.

This is the labeling that Europeans and others want on all Jewish goods.  The Tzipi Livnis of the world don’t understand this.

The next time you hear about “labeling” of Israeli goods remember the sign in the window above and think about what such labeling really means.




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