Lebanon Also Drifts Toward Civil War

UPDATES 3 pm Israel time Tuesday:

*It has been reported but is unconfirmed that Israel is responsible for destroying S300 batteries in northern Syria a few days ago–perhaps in an attack launched from one of Israel’s Dolphin submarines. ┬áThe timing of the possible strike was interesting insomuch as it came shortly after Russian ships left Syrian ports.

*In Egypt, the fallout from yesterday’s attack on the Republican Guard outpost that left 51 pro-Morsi supporters dead continues. Who shot at whom first? Your humble servant watched Egyptian and BBC TV video reports here in Eilat last night that seemed to confirm the Army’s version of events–namely that the “peaceful” protesters were armed with machine guns and began firing at the army position.


It is somewhat unsettling to watch the dissolution of Arab states neighboring Israel. If it’s not Syria, it is Egypt, and if it is not Egypt, it is Lebanon. That Israel has managed to avoid being sucked in to the neighboring conflicts up until this point is quite remarkable, but one wonders how long it can last.

This morning and afternoon has seen a number of events north of the border in Lebanon.

A familiar scene in southern Lebanon these days as a father grieves for a Hezbollah son killed in Syria (picture source: yalibnon.com).

A familiar scene in southern Lebanon these days as a father grieves for a Hezbollah son killed in Syria (picture source: yalibnon.com).

The bodies of 96 more dead Hezbollah fighters are being transported by a Syrian aircraft back to Lebanon today. Apparently, the Hezbollah men were caught in an ambush in one of the suburbs of Damascus on Sunday.

This happens to come after an unprecedented move earlier this week in which a delegation of Hezbollah families in the Baalbek area met with Muhammad Yazbek of the Hezbollah Shura Council and demanded that Hezbollah stop sending their “children” to die in Syria on behalf of Assad. They said they could not continue to support the Assad regime while fighting against the Syrian people.

This meeting comes in the context of a meeting in Tehran in which Hezbollah leaders told the Iranian leadership that it could not continue shouldering the burden in Syria.

The scene in Lebanon a few hours ago.

The scene in Lebanon a few hours ago.

Meanwhile, early this afternoon, a car bomb has exploded in the Hezbollah suburbs of south Beirut with at least 60 dead and wounded.

As of the time of this writing, an intense firefight is taking place in Tripoli between Hezbollah supported militias and elements of the Lebanese army–all taking place after celebrations erupted in Tripoli upon news of the Beirut blast.

Think about that for a moment and what it says about a deeply divided Lebanon–a Lebanon drifting toward civil war.




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