The world didn’t care when these Jews were killed, and it doesn’t care now that their murderers are released.

UPDATES 9 am Israel time, Wednesday, August 14 2013:

*Southern Israel was struck twice by terrorist missiles from Gaza last evening. First, sirens went off just after 7 pm in the Chof Ashkelon region that runs north and south of the city of Ashkelon; two hour later, the sirens screeched in Sderot. In both attacks, residents reported hearing loud explosions from down in their bomb shelters.

Following its pathetic rules for “non-engagement”, the IAF bombed one empty building and one “empty field” in Gaza around 3 am.

*Hardly a day goes by that we don’t have another European outrage directed at Jews in general and Israelis in particular. Two days ago, it was the Belgians refusing to reschedule a Davis Cup tennis match by one day because the scheduled date falls on Yom Kippur. Today, we have the Swiss nominating Jean Ziegler, a staunch defender of Hezbollah and an admirer of well-known Holocaust denier, for a position on the so-called United Nations “Human Rights” Council.

When you stop and think about it, who could possibly be a better member of that august council? He will fit right in.

*Another great flight of Nefesh B’Nefesh landed at Ben Gurion airport yesterday morning carrying 330 North Americans who are immigrating to Israel. 123 of these were young people who are going directly into the IDF.  All told there were 41 families with 88 children on board–many of whom are moving to the Galilee and to the Negev as part of  Keren Kayemeth’s “Go North” and “Go South” programs.

Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar, who was at the airport to greet the newcomers, emotionally spoke for many of us when he said:  “What you did today – you took the biggest and most important decision you could ever take: to leave your familiar home in different places, to immigrate to Israel and build your home in the home of the Jewish people. And this is the core of Zionism. I look around me and I see hundreds of excited people who came to welcome you with open arms. And this is a clear message to you. You are not alone. We are with you. We will assist you and support you along the way.”

*The hideous murderer release took place last night despite the best efforts of some Israelis to block the buses carrying the criminals to Ramallah and to the Erez Crossing into Gaza.

This release was enabled by the Israel Supreme Court–the same court that had walked out on the petitioners against the release the day before. In a ridiculously reasoned ruling, the Court said that “all that is before us is the legal question of whether there is any basis to get involved in the government’s decision to release prisoners in the framework of peace talks with the Palestinians.”

The Court decided that it did not have such a basis and that, oh by the way, it pathetically added: “we are sure that the empowered authorities decided what they decided with a heavy heart, while considering the pain and position of the victims’ families.”

Your humble servant just has to shake his head. What kind of twilight zone are we living in when the Supreme Court of Israel will not stand up for the protection of its citizens and the preservation of justice–especially the justice meted out by its own judicial system. All we have are pusillanimous justices who can say “we don’t want to get involved.”


A relative of one of the Israeli victims protests in Tel Aviv. The flag is meant to angrily symbolize that Israel now has "blood on its hands" for releasing murderers (photo credit: Flash90).

A relative of one of the Israeli victims protests in Tel Aviv. The flag is meant to angrily symbolize that Israel now has “blood on its hands” for releasing murderers (photo credit: Flash90).

As he was out protesting in the street yesterday afternoon and evening with thousands of others against the impending murderer release, your humble servant could not stop thinking about how the world is always silent when it comes to the murder of Jews.

Isaac Rotenberg, a Jew, was hacked to death by two Palestinians with axes. The 67-year-old Rotenberg, whose parents were murdered by Nazis in the Holocaust, was one of the few survivors of Sobibor, fought with the partisans against the Germans, and was slaughtered while bending over on the floor fixing tiles.

Simcha Levy, a Jew, was stabbed to death by three Palestinians. She was killed while providing them a ride to their jobs in Gush Katif.

Morris Eisenstatt, a Jew, was reading a book when he was hacked to death by an ax-wielding Palestinian. A 79-year-old, he was sitting on a park bench when he was butchered.

Moshe Beker, a Jew, was stabbed to death in his orchard by three Palestinians with knives and pruning shears.

Steven Frederick Rosenfeld, a Jew, was hiking when attacked by Palestinians who stabbed him to death.

The murderers of Rotenberg, Levy, Eistenstatt, Beker, Rosenfeld and 20 others were all released last night to kill again. They were acclaimed as heroes in a ceremony in Ramallah headed up by Israel’s “partner for peace”, Mahmoud Abbas.

Where is the outrage in the world over the fact that Mahmoud Abbas would demand the release of murderers? 

Where is the outrage in the world over the fact that John Kerry and Barack Obama would demand that Israel release murderers? 

What is outrageous is that the world didn’t care when these Jews were killed, and it doesn’t care now that their murderers are released. The world simply doesn’t care about Jews. 

What is especially sad is that you can now include the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israel Supreme Court in the list of those who just don’t care.  


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