The Arab League and Mahmoud Abbas: Champions of Peace

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time, Wednesday, March 26 2014:

*IDF forces discovered two more IEDs planted along the Gaza border fence overnight. They have since been neutralized by sappers. At the same time, Hamas continues to try to smuggle in weapons from the Sinai by any means possible. Today, the Israeli navy destroyed two small boats that were filled with arms.

One of the Palestinian terrorist smuggling boats stopped by the Israeli Navy burns in the foreground--the other is in the background (photo: Alper).

One of the Palestinian terrorist smuggling boats stopped by the Israeli Navy burns in the foreground–the other is in the background (photo: Alper).

*A tragic incident took a miraculous turn last night near Otzrin in Samaria. Palestinian terrorists built a blockade of stones in the road in an attempt to force Israeli motorists to slow down and even stop so that could then attack those motorists with Molotov cocktails and “rocks”.

However, before an Israeli car could hit the blockade, a Palestinian car carrying five people tragically slammed into the blockade and overturned. Four passengers were badly injured and the fifth one was killed.

Miraculously, at the moment the Palestinian car flipped over, an Israeli car was coming from the other direction and saw the car flipping. The driver, Isaac Ephraim, slowed down and avoided the blockade–thus perhaps saving his wife Hani and infant daughter Tahel. As Isaac stated at the scene: “A great miracle happened to us. There is no other explanation. We were supposed to ram into the stone barrier and be hurt.” 

*Reports have been swirling about in the last 24 hours that Jonathan Pollard (as reported in this blog the other day: “Do the ‘Peace Talks’ Now Hinge on Jonathan Pollard?”) may be used by the U.S. government to try to keep the “peace talks” alive. State Department spokewoman Jen Psaki tried to throw cold water on that idea this morning by saying that there are no U.S. plans to release Pollard.

*A follow-up from yesterday concerning the Jerusalem Post reporter at the White House who has been denied a visa to cover Obama’s trip to Saudi Arabia. Now the White House Press Corps as a body has expressed its indignation over the Saudi decision.

But they are still all going to Saudi Arabia. What would Ed Glina have done?


Mahmoud Abbas, the chairman of the PLO, at the Arab League summit in Kuwait yesterday (photo AFP).

Mahmoud Abbas, the chairman of the PLO, at the Arab League summit in Kuwait yesterday (photo AFP).

Yesterday, israelstreet reported on the resolution of the Arab League rejecting any recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.

Today, your humble servant thought that he would give that resolution in greater detail and include the comments of Mahmoud Abbas at that conference–the man who just visited Washington and was extolled by Barack Obama as “a man of peace.”

First, from the statement of the Arab League:

“We hold Israel entirely responsible for the lack of progress in the peace process and continuing tension in the Middle East. We express our absolute and decisive rejection to recognizing Israel as a Jewish state. We reject the continuation of settlements, Judaization of Jerusalem, attacks on its Muslim and Christian shrines and changing its demographic and geographic status, considering such measures as invalid according to international law, the Geneva Convention and the Hague Agreement on protecting cultural properties.”

Hmm. Let’s see. Israel is entirely responsible for lack of progress in the “peace process”, but even more Israel is “entirely responsible” for “continuing tension in the Middle East.” How convenient for the Arabs–who supposedly want to make peace with Israel–to blame Israel for the war in Syria, the turmoil in Lebanon, the struggle in Egypt between Gen. Sisi and the Muslim Brotherhood, Iranian adventurism, and, and, and . . .

Next, from the mouth of Israel’s “partner for peace”:

Israel is carrying out demolitions, arrests, siege (sic) and strangling the Palestinian economy as a prelude to imposing a final settlement to the Palestinian issue that conforms with Israeli conditions and requirements. And that is not all, it has come up with new conditions that had never been heard before like recognizing it as a Jewish state, something that we reject to even discuss.” 

Demolitions? As reported yesterday, 35,000 illegal Palestinian buildings in Area C of Judea and Samaria alone . . .

“Something that we reject to even discuss.” 

 Ah yes, Mahmoud Abbas is indeed a man of peace . . .


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