Passover Begins Grimly In the U.S. and Israel

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Monday, April 14 2014:

*Passover began at 6:27 pm this evening in Jerusalem.

*Four Jews were arrested four hours ago as they attempted to ascend the Temple Mount in Jerusalem with a lamb to sacrifice. One of the group, noted activist Noam Federman, had this to say: “Shame on the government of Israel which perpetuates a racist anti-Jewish policy on the Temple Mount by prohibiting Jews from praying and denying them the ability to observe the holiday.”

*The IDF has purchased 150,000 pounds of matzo, 15,000 pounds of Nile perch, 13,000 bottles of grape juice, and 15,000 pounds of kosher chocolate cake, coconut cookies, and fig cookies for tonight’s seder. The IDF spokesman issued this statement today:

“The IDF wishes that all IDF soldiers in the air, at sea and on land, to reservists, to their families, and to all the nation of Israel and Jews across the world will have a happy and kosher Passover!”

*Your humble servant is aghast at the idiocy in the media today as pundits “struggle” to speculate about the motivation of the murderer of the three people in Overland Park, Missouri yesterday. What could have possibly caused a longtime racist and raging anti-Semite to drive into the parking lot of a Jewish Community Center and begin to shout anti-Jewish epithets as he opened fire with his shotgun on the first people he saw?

Of course, his motivation was that he wanted to kill Jews.

And yet the grandfather and grandson he killed at the Jewish Center were Christians, not Jews. Your humble servant wishes to express his condolences to both the Jewish and Christian communities of Kansas City.


This blog today was supposed to be only a short “Happy Passover” or as we say in Israel “Chag Sameach” (Happy Holiday).

But already, this Passover, the 14th of Nissan in the year 5774 has unfortunately taken on the grimness of many of those that have gone before throughout the world and in Israel. First, we had the murders described above in Overland Park, Missouri.

About an hour ago, a 40 year old Israeli was shot and killed and his wife and nine year old son wounded on their way to a Passover seder by Palestinian terrorists who ambushed them firing automatic weapons at the Idhna Junction near Hebron.  

No further information on their conditions is currently available. IDF forces are currently combing the Palestinian settlement of Idhna.

If you celebrate Passover say a prayer at your seder tonight for the families of the American victims and for the Israeli family–and if you don’t celebrate Passover, please say a prayer as well.

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