“Quiet and Coexistence Here Between the Jewish and Palestinian Residents”

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Tuesday, April 15 2014:

*An intense search continues in the Hebron area at this hour for the terrorist or terrorists who opened fire with automatic weapons on Israeli cars last night near the Idhna Junction. As was reported in yesterday’s blog, a father driving one of the cars was killed by a bullet in the neck and his wife and son were also wounded.

Hebron resident and Knesset legislator Orit Struck put her finger directly on the problem this afternoon: “There is no doubt that this attack was a direct result of the [governmental] release of terrorists that accelerates the wheels of terror.”

For its part, Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO have tacitly approved the murder through their silence, but Islamic Jihad and Hamas have been quick to extol the murderer or murderers. Hamas spokesman Hossam Badran ranted this today: “We in Hamas bless the heroic operation in Hebron, during which shots were fired at several settlers and caused the killing of one of them and injuring others.”

*Meanwhile, numerous other terrorist incidents have occurred today throughout Judea and Samaria.  In Hebron, an IDF outpost was attacked by Palestinian terrorists throwing Molotov cocktails and IEDs. Fortunately, no soldiers were wounded. At the Tapuach Junction near Ariel, police captured a Palestinian terrorist with a knife who had planned to stab an Israeli soldier or civilian.

*On the Gaza border, numerous Palestinian attempts to breach the Gaza border fence have been thwarted with several shootings of terrorists reported. Mortars continue exploding in the Kissufim area near the crossing there–reports are that at least 6 have targeted Israelis in the last 72 hours.


In the midst of all the violence in and around Hebron in the last 24 hours, an interesting story appeared today which indicates how Jews and Muslims, Israelis and Palestinians can actually live together in peace–if only left alone to do so.

You will remember that several days ago, this blog reported on how Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon had finally permitted the Jewish owners of the Peace House–the multistoried building on the road between Kiryat Arba and downtown Hebron–to move into their residence. This followed ten years of court battles and appeals which were finally resolved by the Israel Supreme Court last month.

The day after the residents finally returned to their house, a group of some 20 international self-proclaimed “human rights activists” showed up in Hebron accompanied by so-called “journalists and cameramen.” The “activists” were all carrying PLO and Palestinian flags and went straight to an area in the street in front of Peace House. They were determined to provoke and film a confrontation between themselves and the people inside the house along with soldiers on the outside.

Imagine the “activists'” surprise 30 minutes later when a group of Palestinians from nearby homes showed up and escorted them forcefully out of Hebron. 

One of the Palestinians spoke for the others when he said: “For a relatively long period there’s been quiet and co-existence here between the Jewish and Palestinian residents, and this protest only damages the neighbors living nearby who want quiet already.” 

Can you imagine how life might be in Judea without the PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others? Of course it is a wishful fantasy on this Passover, but it is nice to see “peace happen” in one small spot in Hebron.


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