The Appallingly Anti-Semitic Message of Pope Francis in Bethlehem

UPDATES 7 am Israel time, Saturday, May 31 2014:

**It has been another violent 24 hours in Israel with Palestinian riots throughout Judea and Samaria resulting in Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers wounded, Israeli motorists fired upon, and an attempted suicide bomber thwarted at the Tapuach (Apple) Junction by alert Border Guards who noticed him wearing a heavy bulky coat on an intensely hot day.

In one of the cases of an Israeli motorist being fired upon, note how YNet News (Yedioth Aharonoth) remarkably reported the news:

“An Israeli driver reported that his car was hit by gunfire near the settlement of Geva Binyamin in the West Bank. The shots were most likely stray bullets fired during a celebration at a nearby Palestinian village, local police reported.”

Stray bullets? The likelihood of the bullets being “stray” must be somewhere between slim and none. What is remarkable is how the Israeli media colludes with the police to cover up Palestinian terrorism.

Some pictures of that Palestinian terrorism from yesterday:

So much for "stones" and "pebbles". Note that the Arab picture source is embedded in the picture.

So much for “stones” and “pebbles”. Note that the Arab picture source is embedded in the picture.

The roads in Judea and Samaria were ablaze, as usual, yesterday:

Israeli motorists often find themselves faced, as yesterday, with spikes on the road and burning tires (picture source embedded).

Israeli motorists often find themselves faced, as yesterday, with spikes on the road and burning tires (picture source embedded).

And that is not all that was ablaze yesterday as Palestinian arsonists burned Jewish community fields everywhere:


**In a Thursday night meeting, PM Netanyahu was at his ever-masterful self dissembling about construction in Judea and Samaria. He listened as leaders from the region told him that according to the situation on the ground now, “not even a light pole can be built for a soldier guarding his post.”

In reply, Netanyahu detailed how the Obama Administration had demanded a “not one brick, not one house” Israeli construction policy.

And that he had implemented that policy without being aware of the results of his actions on the region. More specifically, he told the leaders that he did not know that his action would freeze the building of schools and health clinics.

Say what? Netanyahu didn’t know?

But the even more bizarre aspect of this story is that the Obama “not one brick, not one house” policy that Netanyahu implemented took place at the beginning of May after 78 Palestinian murderers had been released and after the “peace” talks had collapsed.

**It was reported yesterday in the Palestinian press (Maan News) and the foreign press (AFP) that the same Obama Administration that arrogantly demanded the “not one brick, not one house” policy from Israelis, has issued a warm invitation to the new prime minister of the PLO-Hamas reconciliation government to visit Washington.

White House spokesmen have been busy denying the report this morning; however, it would be nothing new. You may recall that President Obama has met with numerous Hamas-connected representatives in the White House before. 


Your humble servant just cannot get the recent visit of Pope Francis to Bethlehem out of his mind.

At a time when visual images convey ever more lasting messages, the image of the Pope praying at the separation fence at precisely the spot where a Palestinian had graffitied “Bethlehem look (sic) like Warsaw Ghetto” was a powerful statement of papal ignorance of the Holocaust and insensitivity toward its Jewish victims.

Note the graffiti on the separation fence which, in case the Pople has forgotten or ever cared, stopped Palestinian suicide terrorists from blowing Israeli men, women, an children to pieces (picture: Haaretz).

The Pope overtly supporting the sickening message of the Warsaw Ghetto graffiti.

But more than this, Francis’s stop at the fence was a specific slap in the face to every Israeli in our fight to survive. The separation fence, as Francis knows full well, was built to stop Palestinian suicide bombers–like the one thwarted yesterday–from blowing Israeli men, women, and children to pieces. The sheer immorality of Francis’s “prayer” at the separation fence is incomprehensible. 

But there were equally powerful statements made by the Pope by virtue of the images with which he allowed himself to be associated.

Let’s take just two or them, beginning with the giant mural in Manger Square which was the backdrop of the mass performed by Francis and his minions.

Note that Jesus and Joseph are both bedecked with Palestinian keffiyehs.

Note that Jesus and Joseph are both bedecked with Palestinian keffiyehs.

The message here is simple and straightforward: Pope Francis–along with easily identifiable previous Popes–supports the newly established myth that Jesus was a Palestinian.

This myth is important because it is just one more stone in the wall of the Palestinian denial of any Jewish history in Israel: Jesus was not a Jew; there was never a Jewish temple on the Har HaBayit (Temple Mount); and there is no historical connection of Jews to the land of Israel. For Francis to lend support to these egregious notions on the world stage is dangerous in the extreme.

But as egregious as the visual message of the Palestinian Jesus is, it pales in comparison to another image that Francis surrounded himself with in Bethlehem:


This mural which suggests that Israeli soldiers are to blame for Jesus’ death instead of the Roman ones who actually killed him is nothing less than a clarion call for vicious anti-Semitism against Jews.

It is a repetition of the canard perpetuated fraudulently and mercilessly by the Catholic Church through the centuries that Jews killed Jesus. 

For Francis to stand by this poster with its message of anti-Jewish hatred in Bethlehem in 2014 is appalling and nauseating. Why didn’t Francis physically rip it down? Why didn’t Francis verbally denounce it?

The clear message is that the Catholic Church, in the form of Francis and his emissaries, is still living in the medieval Dark Ages when hundreds of thousands of Jews were massacred in pogrom after pogrom.

And for anyone to claim otherwise is absurd. 

Francis’s trip was planned down to the millisecond. His visit to Bethlehem was meticulously coordinated by Vatican emissaries and local officials on the ground. Just because Francis later visited Yad Vashem and laid a wreathe on the tomb of Herzl in no way mitigates his actions or his message in Bethlehem.

Pope Francis knew exactly what he was doing and should be roundly condemned for it.





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