1:00 pm, August 8 2014: Updates on the Israel-Hamas War

UPDATES 1:00 pm:

Thus far today, more than 35 missiles have been launched from Gaza at communities in southern Israel.

Two Israelis have been wounded: one of them was the Head of Sapir College in Sderot, Dr. Nechumi Paz, who was “moderately” wounded by shrapnel when a missile exploded near a gasoline station; the other was an unnamed IDF soldier who suffered wounds to his lower body.

By the way, here is the entire quotation from IDF Chief Benny Gantz yesterday, noted in the first update today: 

“I am convinced that members of the public who live around Gaza can return to their homes, work their fields, and go back to living their lives as they were. We have a hot summer. Fall will soon come. The rain will wash away the dust left by the tanks. The fields will turn green, and the south will be awash in red – in the positive sense of the word – in anemones, flowers, and stability, which will be here for many years to come.”

Can you even believe this gibberish? How delusional must Gantz and the IDF General Staff be to have pulled everyone out of Gaza, and started moving tanks and other equipment north after a mere 24 hour “ceasefire”? Gantz should be summarily dismissed for incompetence and turn to writing bad poetry. 

Of course the only problem with dismissing Gantz for incompetence is that he is under the equally incompetent Israel Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who is under the supremely incompetent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

By the way, at 10:25 am, the IDF finally resumed attacks on Gaza striking from the air and with artillery at specific targets in northern Gaza. What are they striking?

You guessed it.

Empty buildings and open spaces.

Another “by the way”. Remember how a mere 3 days ago both Netanyahu and Gantz crowed about how the tunnel threat had been eliminated? In an al-Jazeera exclusive yesterday, its so-called “journalists” were taken on trip around unexploded tunnels in Gaza. 

UPDATES 9:30 am:

Let’s stop for a moment this morning to realize the absolute insanity of the situation: 

*Israeli representatives are still in Cairo and still negotiating with the terrorists despite the fact that southern Israel is being bombarded again. 

*The IDF is still not reacting to the bombardment of southern Israel (as predicted in last night’s update).

*Israel essentially closed down Ben Gurion airport this morning because we were afraid that Hamas was going to fire at the airport. 

*President Obama, who has become the leading cheerleader of Hamas and who cannot bear to see another “dead child” in Gaza has now ordered an aerial attack on ISIS in northern Iraq.  Your humble servant wonders how many dead children will result from his decision because as we all know, every bomb that drops kills civilians somewhere.

But wait . . . I forgot . . . women and children killed by American bombs, and British bombs, and French bombs, and NATO bombs, and, and . . . don’t count.

UPDATES 8:05 am:

For the third time in three days, terrorists in Gaza launched missiles into Israel early this morning breaking the so-called “ceasefire”. The Kerem Shalom crossing, which serves as a transit point for humanitarian supplies into Gaza, was hit by two missiles just after 4 am.

In the last five minutes, Hamas has launched more missiles at Chof Ashkelon, Ashkelon, and the Gaza border communities further demonstrating that it is not extending the “ceasefire” with Israel.

The question is simply, what is Israel going to do?

It was just two days ago that PM Netanyahu crowed about security being restored to the South. 

It was just yesterday that IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz blathered: “I am convinced that the residents of the Gaza border communities can return to their homes, grow their fields, and return to a good and quality life [there].”

Sure thing Bibi and Benny–just as long as they stay within 15 seconds of a bomb shelter.


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