Get the New Israelstreet Cell Phone APP: Fight BDS!


 7 pm Israel time, Monday, November 3 2014:

This a repeat of yesterday’s blog.

Your humble servant has long thought that the time has come to turn the tables on the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions Movement that seeks to delegitimize and destroy Israel. During the last several weeks, I have begun working on a telephone app that can be used to identify companies and institutions that support Israel, and companies and institutions that support BDS.

The name of our new app is “Support Israel! Boycott the BDS Boycotters“. The app is available through the Buycott website. It is completely free, and your humble servant receives no money whatsoever for it.

What your humble servant receives is the satisfaction that each person who gets the app is acting to support Israel and fight against BDS boycotts.

By installing the app on your phone, you can scan any barcode and receive one of three messages:

“You’re supporting this product” (this means that the company supports Israel)

“No personal conflicts” (this means that the company has not yet been entered in the database)

“You’re not supporting this product” (this means that the company supports BDS)

The app is a work in progress. The process of identifying companies and institutions to fit into either category is laborious. If you know of a company that supports BDS, I encourage you to send an email to detailing that information.

Thus far, the app has been available for less than a week–and this is the first time it has been publicized anywhere. More than 500 people have already gotten the app and joined the campaign against BDS.  Please get the app on your phone, and tell your friends to join our campaign. We have a long, long way to go because we are starting from a point two years behind when the BDS campaigns began in earnest.

So how can you get the app? The process takes about 3 minutes.

1. Go to Google Play (or wherever you get your apps such as itunes).

2. Type in “Buycott” to search for the Buycott app

3. Go to “Buycott-Barcode Scanner”

4. Install the Buycott-Barcode Scanner on your phone.

5. Open the App.

6. Search for the campaign Support Israel! Boycott the BDS Boycotters

7. Join the campaign.

8. Start using the app. Use the barcode scanner when you go shopping.

What have you done for Israel today? 

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