The F-35 Fighter: A Good Deal for Israel?

17 Sivan 5776

Thursday, June 24 2016



UPDATES 5:00 am Israel Time

…Palestinian terrorism yesterday…

Palestinian arsonists set fire to a forested area in Gush Etzion and to the security perimeter of Yabrud. More fires were set Palestinians throwing Molotov firebombs in the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem. Still more firebombs were thrown at Zeita.

Terrorists assaulted IDF troops with 3 IEDs at Rachel’s Tomb just outside of Bethlehem.

“Rock” throwers attacked Israelis at Al-Fawwar beside Mt. Hevron, Al-Khader in Gush Etzion, Hawara in Samaria, and Beit Anun near Hevron.

A 17-year-old resident of south Tel Aviv was stabbed in the leg and told he was “a stinking Jew who should die” by a group of terrorists. The Tel Aviv police are investigating the attack.

…Other terror related news yesterday…

*The military court in Samaria sentenced two Palestinian terrorists to life imprisonment and another to 30 years imprisonment for the brutal murder of the Eitam and Naama Henkin on October 1, 2015. The Henkins were shot to death on the road near Beit Furik. You may remember that they were slaughtered as their children watched.

*IDF forces demolished the home of the Palestinian terrorist who killed American Taylor Force in Jaffa three and a half months ago on March 9th and stabbed numerous other Israelis. The terrorist was shot and killed by Israeli police.

*The trial of El-Or Azariah, the “Hevron soldier” who shot and killed a Palestinian terrorist in Hevron who had stabbed an Israeli drags on. More “commanders” testified that Azariah had “no reason” to shoot the terrorist. The military prosecution which is determined to get a manslaughter conviction will probably be putting on witnesses until the end of the month.

*The IDF announced yesterday that “red sirens”, identical to the ones now sounded for incoming missile attacks from Gaza, will now be sounded whenever the IDF receives information about possible attacks emanating from Hamas tunnels into Israel. In addition to the sirens, local residents will receive an SMS message stating: “Due to terrorist digging, residents are requested to go into their homes and switch off the lights until further notice.”

*It would appear that the long-expected agreement between Turkey and Israel is imminent. According to the outrageous accord, Israel will not only apologize the families of the IHH terrorists who were killed on board the Mavi Marmara as they attempted to kill Israeli soldiers–but also will compensate those families financially.

On top of that Israel will apparently allow an artificial island to be built off the coast of Gaza to supply gas and electricity, and a hotel and marina are also planned.

For its part, Turkey has apparently agreed that there will be no more “flotillas” to Gaza, and that all of its “humanitarian” supplies will be shipped through the port here in Ashdod (about a mile down the beach from where your humble servant is writing this blog today). Israel has already become the conduit for Turkish goods being shipped to Jordan.

Israelstreet cannot help but think that this entire arrangement with Turkey should never take place until Turkey apologizes for attempting to break the legal blockade of Gaza and attempting to murder IDF soldiers–and pays Israeli families for the egregious wounds suffered by some of those soldiers.


The F-35 Stealth Fighter.

The F-35 Stealth Fighter.

As all of you dear readers undoubtedly know, Israeli Defense Minister Lieberman is in the U.S. this week to participate in Israel’s receiving of the first of 33 F-35 stealth fighters.

The 33 planes will be delivered at the rate of approximately six per year through the year 2021, and is being touted by the U.S. and Israel as giving Israel a significant qualitative edge over our neighbors here in the Middle East.

The edge derives from the plane’s ability to fly undetected by radar and to carry 16 tons of missiles, bombs, and fuel.

Israelstreet sincerely hopes the F-35 is all that it is toured to be.

Because the negatives aspects of the plane are considerable.

1. The base cost of each plane will be $90 million dollars; however, the Israeli version of the F-35 will be considerably more expensive due to unique anti-warfare systems and special armament.

2. Each hour of flight of each plane will cost $35,000 dollars. Wrap your mind around the fact that a squadron of six F-35s on a two hour training mission will cost almost half a million dollars.

3. Numerous airplane experts have noted numerous problems with the F-35, the most important of which is perhaps its inability to maneuver well in dogfights which necessitates it striking enemy aircraft and installations from a distance. Pilots have observed that it is difficult to see out of the plane’s cockpit because of the cumbersome helmet that the pilot must wear to control the airplane’s many computer systems.

Given all of these considerations, it remains for future battles to see if the F-35 is a good deal for Israel.






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