A Storm Is Coming On The Golan Heights

10 Kislev 5778

28 November 2017


Quote of the Day:

“The Jordanians and the Palestinians are one people living in two states.”

PLO Chairman and unelected President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas on the occasion of a visit of Amman Mayor Yusuf Shawarba to Ramallah.

This of course raises the question of why there needs to be two Palestinian states? Shouldn’t Jordan be confederated with Areas A and B of Judea and Samaria?


The News on the Israeli Street 

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

*”Rock”, Molotov, and grenade attacks occurred at Nazareth Illit, Husan, Sloan, Deir Nizam, Tur, Hermala, Beit Ummar, El Arub, Qalandiya, Abu Tor, Beit Anun, the Ariel Junction, the Husan Bypass, Beitar Illit, Psagot, Wadi Joz, Deir Abu Mashal, Umm Safa, Aida, Adam, Nabi Saleh, and Taluzah among other places.

*Four terrorists from Bethlehem were arrested after throwing IEDs at Israeli motorists traveling on Route 60.

The Negev Peaceful Coexistence Organization . . .

I think you would agree, dear reader, that nothing could sound more benign than “The Negev Peaceful Coexistence Organization.” What could be more wonderful than an NGO that promotes peace and coexistence? 

After all, coexistence has become the overarching goal of the West as millions of Muslims have flooded into countries from Italy and Germany to Sweden and the United States (of course there is no coexistence in the countries that they come from).

So if this is the case, why has the city of Be’ersheva decided to cancel a permit issued to the group to hold meetings in a municipal building?

Because it has come to light that for this group (and many others) coexistence means actively encouraging Israeli youth to refuse to be drafted, actively carrying out provocations against IDF soldiers, actively organizing Nakba Day activities, and actively working to have Israel Independence Day annulled.

The election that never ends . . .

In case you may have forgotten, the last Israeli election was held on March 17, 2015. Almost two months later in May, Netanyahu was able to cobble together a coalition to form a government. From the beginning, every political pundit in Israel along with every politician not in the government confidently blathered that the coalition would not last.

Bougie Herzog, the main loser in that election, famously predicted that the government would not last a month; then he said two months; then he said six months; then he said a year; then he said two yearsand then he was ousted as head of the Labor party.

But from that moment in May when the government was formed, the Israeli media has put out one poll after another showing that this candidate or that, or this candidate joined with these politicians or those would have a good chance of defeating Netanyahu. There is literally a poll everyday in the leftist media.

But more than this, we now have the unseemly spectacle of members of the Coalition government campaigning for the next election. Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon has already put up signs touting his Kulanu Party and himself all over the country.

The signs read from left to right: "Kulanu", "Kahlon is taking care of you."

The signs read from left to right: “Kulanu”, “Kahlon is taking care of you.”

By the way, do you know when the next election is scheduled?

November 5, 2019. 



A Storm Is Coming On The Golan Heights

A Hezbollah fighter is holding a picture of

Tweeted yesterday, a Hezbollah fighter is holding a picture of laughing, Hezbollah hero Imad Mughniyeh (whom Hezbollah claims was assassinated by Mossad). The caption reads: “When we finish with the Islamic State in Syria, we will stand before you [Israel] in Quneitra.” Notice the mountain in the background and look very closely to see the observation point on top. The mountain is Mt. Hermon.

An order went out from Iranian commanding general Qasem Suleimani to all of the Iranian militias fighting in Syria yesterday. Apparently the order was simple and straightforward: “Finish what you are doing quickly and head to Quneitra.”

Largely uninhabited and abandoned (only about 200 current residents), Quneitra is a “city” located right on the Israeli border in what used to be the demilitarized United Nations Disengagement Observer Force Zone. However, since 2014, it has been occupied by the Syrian rebels, but battles have raged back and forth between the rebels on one side–and the Syrian Army, Hezbollah, and Iranian militias on the other.

Obviously, being only 1 km from the border, Quneitra is well within the 40 km Iranian exclusion zone that Israel is demanding. Yet, it is Quneitra that Iran is planning to make its staging area as it shifts the fight from Islamic State and the Syrian rebels to Israel.

General Suleimani and the Iranians are completely oblivious to any exclusion zone that the Russians and Americans may have worked out. 

It is a staging area that Israel cannot allow to be established.

A storm is coming on the Golan Heights.

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