The Ongoing Destruction of Fledgling Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria

9 Kislev 5778

27 November 2017


Quote of the Day:

“In all generations, the Shabbat has kept us, and it is the basis of the covenant between the Jewish people and G-d.”

Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, explaining why he felt compelled to resign because of the insistence of Israel Railways to do repair work on Shabbat.


The News on the Israeli Street 

Palestinian terror in the last 48 hours . . .

There was an explosion of Palestinian violence with more than 50 terror attacks reported throughout Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem.

*A 12-year-old girl was wounded in the head by a “rock” thrown by a Palestinian terrorist near Hizma.

*A stabbing by a Palestinian terrorist was narrowly averted at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron by alert Border Guards.

*Palestinian terrorists opened fire on Israelis between Nili and Beit Aryeh, Psagot, and near Ramallah.

*Palestinian terrorists threw IEDs at IDF troops at Aida and near Bethlehem.

*Palestinian terrorists tried to kill Israelis with “rocks” and Molotovs at Ar’ar, Nevatim, Anata, Jilazon, on the Gush Etzion Road near Hevron, Nazareth Illit, Husan, El Aruv, Beit Ummar, Deir Nizam, Shechem, Silwan, Nabi Saleh,  Dahiyat al-Barid, Deir Dibwan, a-Ram, Beit El, and numerous other places.

*A missile was fired at the northern Negev in the afternoon. As always, the IDF spokesman claimed that it was a false alarm, but residents reported hearing an explosion.

*Overnight, Israel Police, Border Police, Shin Bet, and the IDF captured 18 wanted Palestinian terrorists in Judea and Samaria.

Crisis averted . . . for now . . .

In a complex and as yet uncompleted deal (because two laws need to be passed), PM Netanyahu convinced United Torah Judaism and Shas to remain in the government last night. This followed the resignation of Health Minister Yaakov Litzman from the Cabinet yesterday morning.

The deal goes something like this:

*the status quo will be maintained regarding supermarkets on Shabbat. Supermarkets across the country will be closed, but those in Tel Aviv will be open (the truth is that Russian supermarkets are open everywhere on every day).

*A new law will be passed that will enable the Labor and Welfare minister to prohibit train repairs on Shabbat. Six Sundays per year will be designated as “extended weekend” days so that repairs can proceed.

*Litzman will be appointed Deputy Health Minister. A law will be passed enabling a deputy minister to run a ministry. In other words, even though Litzman resigned, he really didn’t; however, Litzman will not return to the Health Ministry until the two laws are passed.

And so, the Netanyahu Coalition continues to survive until the next crisis.

A funny moment in Saudi Arabia . . .

Prince and soon-to-be King Muhammad Ben Salman has just held a regional “Alliance Against Terrorism” conference in Riyadh. Attended by some 50 countries, it featured several videos that show Muslims carrying out acts of terrorism.

One of the pictures of terrorists was this one:

Who was this masked terrorist? And who was he shooting at?

Who was this masked terrorist? And who was he shooting at?

It turns out that this is a Palestinian terrorist in Beit Jala who was shooting at Israelis in Gilo back dring the second intifada.

Needless to say, the Palestinian delegation to the conference was not amused and loudly voiced their discontent. There has been no response yet from the Prince.


The Ongoing Destruction of Fledgling Jewish Communities

in Judea and Samaria

*Please note that the content in the “Destruction Diary” that appears in this blog is taken from hakolhayehudi.

A tractor of the Israel Civil Administration destroying a Jewish home last week (picture hakolhayehudi).

A tractor of the Israel Civil Administration destroying a Jewish home last week (picture hakolhayehudi).

It never ceases to amaze your humble servant that as Judea and Samaria remain the wild west with terrorist attacks occurring almost every hour of every day, the Israel Civil Administration continues focused on destroying Jewish homes in Jewish communities throughout the area.

In recent months, the pace of destruction has increased as the Civil Administration has focused on homes built on Israel state land. It is an altogether absurd situation in that the Administration does virtually nothing to destroy the tens of thousands of illegal Palestinian homes built in Areas B and C.

Here is a “Diary of Destruction” of the last six months:

Sivan (Mid May-mid June):

*Two tent homes destroyed in Yitzhar, a family caravan confiscated in Neve Erez, a youth building destroyed in Amona, the destruction of two structures in Maoz Esther

Tammuz (Mid June-mid July)

*Another tent home destroyed in Yitzhar, destruction of youth camp in Ahiya, confiscation of caravan home in Havat Gilad, a dormitory building destroyed in Givat Ronen

Av (Mid July-Mid August)

*Two buildings destroyed in Samaria; two homes destroyed in Givat Komi and Uri Yitzhar

Elul (Mid August-Mid September)

*Confiscation of farm equipment at Havat Gilad, destruction of newlywed’s home in Mitzpe Eshtamo, destruction of a storehouse

Tishrei (Mid September-Mid October)

*Destruction of a building in Mageni Eretz, confiscation of caravan home in Aesh Kodesh, destruction of a caravan home in Neve Erez

Cheshvan (Mid October-Mid November)

*Destruction of two classrooms in school at Havat Maon, destruction of a a house in Mitzpe Eshtamo, dismantling of part of a house at Beit Hagla, confiscation of equipment in Kida, Ahiya, and Havat Gilad; demolition of homes in Oz Zion and Maoz Esther

Kislev (the last nine days)

*Destruction of a caravan home in Aesh Kodesh; three homes destroyed at Neve Erez; destruction of a home in Givat Mageni

It may seem to you, dear reader, that the destruction of a few tents and caravans here and there is no big deal, nor is the confiscation of farm equipment in this community and that.

But the fact is that in tiny communities where families are turned out into the cold and means of livelihood are taken away, such actions are nothing less than an attempt at eradication. 

Once again, your humble servant cannot say enough in support of the brave individuals who stand up to the Civil Administration and continue to rebuild in the face of destruction.

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