12 Tevet 5778

30 December 2017


Outrageous Quote of the Day:

“We can afford missiles here and there.”

Our so-called “Defense” Minister Avigdor Lieberman throwing southern Israel under the bus in reference to continuing missile fire from Palestinian terrorists in Gaza.


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Once again, there have been more than 50 terror incidents targeting Israelis. Some of the most egregious have been Molotov attacks–in these assaults, terrorists try to incinerate people traveling in cars.

Two of the worst attacks yesterday occurred on the Ma’aleh Adumim road just outside of Jerusalem, and near Ariel. In the Ma’aleh attack, three Molotovs were thrown at a car but the car was not set on fire; in Ariel, the targeted car was set on fire, but fortunately the passengers inside managed to escape.

Updates . . .

*Guatemala, which announced last week that it was moving its embassy to Jerusalem, has come under intense pressure to reverse that decision.

Today, Guatemalan Foreign Minister Sandra Haval said that the decision to move the embassy is “final and irreversible.”

*Remember that we reported yesterday that King Abdullah of Jordan had ousted his two brothers and a cousin from their positions in the Jordanian military–and that Abdullah thought a coup might be afoot.

A new report this morning is that the brothers and cousin have been arrested and charged with plotting with Saudi Arabia. 

And the West thought that Saudi Arabia and Jordan were on the same side.

*The protests in Iran are continuing and spreading. The first clashes between protesters and Iranian police occurred yesterday. Several Iranians were killed.

Despite government prohibition, this was the scene in Tehran:

Tens of thousands of protesters in the street.

Tens of thousands of protesters in the street.






It was a strange day at UNESCO yesterday. After Israel announced that it was withdrawing from the organization, it was required to submit a letter to that effect to the Director-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay. The letter had to be delivered by December 31 in order to go into effect at the end of 2018.

But guess what? The building housing Azoulay’s offices was closed for the holidays. This led to some amusing tweets from the Israeli ambassador saying that he would “climb over the fence” if necessary to deliver the letter.

The clueless Director General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay.

The clueless Director General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay.

In the end, it was delivered–at which point Azoulay issued a statement which began:

“I regret this deeply, as it is my conviction that it is inside UNESCO and not outside it that states can best seek to overcome differences in the organization’s fields of competence.”

Say what? Overcome differences in the organization’s fields of competence?

If the past few years have shown anything, it is that no amount of Israelis talking in UNESCO has any effect on the egregiously anti-Israel resolutions and declarations that are regularly issued.

Azoulay continued:

“In the face of disagreements among member states, which lead to votes for which they are responsible, engaging fully in the work of UNESCO makes possible sustained dialogue, cooperation and partnerships that are more necessary than ever and that I committed to support when I took office.” 

Say what? Can someone please decipher this for your humble servant?  

And Azoulay (who is Jewish) concluded:

“UNESCO is an institution committed to the defense of freedom of expression, the prevention of all forms of anti-Semitism and racism, which has developed a unique program of education about the Holocaust and the prevention of genocide.” 


UNESCO is no more committed to the defense of freedom of expression and prevention of all forms of anti-Semitism than your average garden-variety bigot. And to say that it has developed a program about the Holocaust as a reason for Israel to stay in an organization which constantly works to undermine Israel’s existence is ludicrous.

The sooner Israel is out of UNESCO, the better. 

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