How Did The Israel Civil Administration Become So Rabidly Anti-Israeli?

22 Tevet 5778

9 January 2018


Two Idiotic Quotes of the Day:


“We have to start with an interim solution for 10 years and then get to the Jerusalem issue. When we reach Jerusalem and the holy places, like Al-Aqsa, I think that there should be a Saudi role and responsibility in the holy places, since it is a country with the most important places for Islam, and it has experience in managing the holy places in Mecca and Medina. Saudi Arabia should be given a central role in this issue.”

Isaac “Bougie” Herzog, speaking to a Saudi Arabian interviewer yesterday.

Forget the fact that the PLO has repeatedly stated that it will never agree to an interim solution of any type, isn’t it amazing how the Israeli “Left” is so anxious to give away control over parts of Jerusalem–especially our holiest places–to other countries?

And Saudi Arabia at that? Tomorrow, the Ayatollah Khamenei will say that a peace agreement needs to be reached in Jerusalem, and Herzog and his cronies will rush to give the Temple Mount to Iran.


“We have eyes, ears and more than that in Iran.”

Mossad Director Yossi Cohen speaking at a Finance Ministry Conference in Jerusalem yesterday.

Isn’t the Mossad Director pledged to secrecy? Why in the world would he let the Iranians know that “we have eyes, ears, and more than that in Iran.” Somebody needs to order Cohen to keep his mouth shut.


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

A female terrorist was subdued at the Shilo Junction. Armed with a knife and Molotov, the terrorist was captured with no Israelis being wounded. Another knife-wielding terrorist was disarmed at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron yesterday.

Shilo, Betar Illit, Beit Sira, the Rechalim Junciton, Ofra, Hizma, Safa, Tikwah, Burqa, the Postal Junction, Deir Nizam, Ariel, Abu Dis, Joseph’s Tomb, Awarta, Azzun, Husan: all of these were places (among many) where Israelis have been attacked in the last 24 hours.

The “Supermarkets Law” passes the Knesset . . .

After 13 hours of highly contentious debate, the “Supermarkets Law” passed its second and third readings in the Knesset by identical votes of 58 in favor, and 57 against.

The new law gives the Interior Minister (currently Shas leader Arieh Deri) the authority to overrule municipal laws—specifically ones allowing  some businesses to open on Shabbat.

How long the law will be a law is open to question. Upon conclusion of the last vote, the ultra-left wing party Meretz immediately appealed it to the Israel Supreme Court.

The attacks in Syria last night . . .

Apparently, the IAF attacked Hezbollah arms depots in the Damascus area yesterday.

According to the Syrians, Israel used air and land forces to destroy the weapons.

What a family! . . .

Joshua (80) and Rivka Durachler (79) had a granddaughter born at Sha’are Zedek Hospital yesterday. That may seem like nothing particularly out of the ordinary.

But the couple now have 14 children, 120 grandchildren, and 100 great grandchildren.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Rivka’s story is remarkable. Born in the Netherlands, her parents and two brothers were sent to Bergen Belsen concentration camp in 1942 where her father was subsequently murdered.

For three years Rivka was hidden in the homes of Gentiles until she finally immigrated to Israel alone in 1945. Some years later she met and married Joshua.

The Yair Netanyahu tape . . .

As we all know, there is no limit to how low the Israel media will go in trying to topple Benjamin Netanyahu from office.

Yesterday saw the release of a tape made several years ago by Yair Netanyahu’s driver. On the tape, a drunken Yair talked with his drunken friends about going to a strip club, procuring women, and his father’s helping the father of his friend to make money on natural gas. 

Yair was quoted as saying something like “Since my father helped your father make millions of dollars, you should be able to help me find a girl tonight.” Much of the drunken conversation before and after contained demeaning comments about women.

You can imagine the field day that the media is having with all of this non-news.



How Did The Israel Civil Administration Become So Rabidly Anti-Israeli?

Try to wrap your mind about this.

For years, Israel has wanted to build in the E-1 area which is just below Ma’aleh Adumim on the northern border of municipal Jerusalem. But each time such construction is announced or even discussed, the world goes crazy ranting about “illegal settlements”, etc.

So no construction has ever taken place.

At the same time, the Jihalin tribe (Palestinian Bedouins) decided to illegally move in and set up camp in E-1. Immediately, the European Union rushed to build “structures” to solidify the Palestinian presence.

Israel issued demolition orders for the structures and the camp. Then, in the form of the Civil Administration, Israel began a dialogue with the Jihalin to move them out, but in short order, the PLO ordered the Jihalin to stop any dialogue with Israel.

Now, the Civil Administration has unbelievably decided that it will not carry out the demolition orders. This is the same Civil Administration that carries out demolition of Jewish neighborhoods and communities in Judea and Samaria on a daily basis–including the three fledgling communities that were destroyed yesterday (as reported in yesterday’s blog).

How did the Israel Civil Administration ever become so rabidly anti-Israeli?

All of this begs the question of “why don’t Jewish groups just go ahead and construct homes beside the Jihalin “community” E-1?

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