The Pathetic Government Response to Rabbi Raziel Shevach’s Murder

23 Tevet 5778

10 January 2018




Rabbi Raziel Shevach and his wife Yael. Rabbi Shevach was gruesomely gunned down in a drive-by shooting yesterday near his home in Havat Gilad. His last words were apparently a phone call to his wife in which he said: “I have been shot. Call an ambulance.”

The Totally Useless Quote of the Day:

“I call upon the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister to convene two meetings today, one to recognize Havat Gilad as a community and to announce a building boom of 600-700 housing units where the murdered man lived with his family.”

Yossi Dagan head of Samaria Regional Council speaking about what should be the ramifications of the murder of Rabbi Raziel Shevach (see Today’s Blog).

If anyone really believes that the government will recognize Havat Gilad as a community along with announcing construction of 600-700 new housing units there, your humble servant will sell you some swimwear to use on the beach in Antarctica.


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Where do you begin on a day like today? With the stabbing that just took place at the Beersheva Central Bus Station? Or the attempted stabbing at the Shilo Junction yesterday? Or the 50+ attacks that targeted Israelis throughout Judea and Samaria? Or with the gruesome execution-style slaughter of Rabbi Raziel Shevach near Gilad Farm yesterday?

Rabbi Shevach’s murder is the subject of Today’s Blog, so here are a few of the other locations where attacks took place yesterday:

Psagot, El Muayyir, Gilad, Talmonim, Anata, Givat Assaf, Abu Dis, Jericho, Road 443, Husan, Hizma, Turmus’aya, Gedonim Ridge, Jayyus, Binyamin, Beit Sira, Tekoa, Qalqilya, Kochav Hashahar, Ofra, Tekoa, Horseshoe Junction,  Beitar Illit, the entrance to Ramallah, the Rachelim Junction, and Safa.

How the Palestinians pay terrorists . . .

The Defense Ministry published this chart yesterday detailing how much money Palestinian terrorists are paid by the PLO:

Note that 2000 shekels=$580; 10,000 shekels=$2900.

Note that 2000 shekels=$580; 10,000 shekels=$2900.

The more extreme crime a terrorist commits, the longer the terrorist will be sentenced, and the more money the terrorist will receive. Note how the salary scale also rewards terrorists living in Jerusalem and Israel.

Yesterday, a bill was proposed in the Knesset to deduct the amount the PLO pays to terrorists from the money Israel turns over to the PLO from taxes collected. The bill is based on the Taylor Force Law that recently passed the U.S. Congress. 

The bill should be quickly taken up and approved by the Knesset.



The Pathetic Government Response to Rabbi Raziel Shevach’s Murder

By any account, Rabbi Raziel Shevach was an extraordinary man.

The father of six (the youngest of whom is 8 months old), Rabbi Shevach was the rabbi of Havat Gilad, the community shohet, the community mohel, and a volunteer of Magen David Adom.

He was gruesomely murdered execution style yesterday when Palestinian terrorists in a car, pulled along side his car, and fired 22 .556 bullets into the windshield and passenger side window. He never had a chance.

The rabbi's car.

The rabbi’s car.

As we have so often stated on israelstreet, this was a murder that should have never happened. Just one week ago, an exactly similar attack took place in exactly the same place. In that attack, an orthodox man and his son miraculously escaped when the terrorist’s gun jammed.

In response to that attack, the government did absolutely nothing. No one searched for the perpetrators and the road remained open to Palestinians. The checkpoint that used to be on the road remained unmanned.

It was in this context that IDF Chief Eizenkot was berated when he showed up at the scene of the attack yesterday. People in the crowd there shouted “Eizenkot Why do we deserve this?” “Return the checkpoints” and “We warned in advance; why you didn’t you block the road?”

What was Eizenkot’s response? He had IDF soldiers remove the shouters from the scene.

Before the funeral, we had the usual nonsensical blather from various Israeli officials:

“We will protect Israelis in Judea and Samaria!”

“We will not allow terrorists take over the roads of Judea and Samaria!”

“We will build homes to answer the terrorism!”

Etc., Etc, Etc.

It is the same absurd nonsense that we get in southern Israel every time a missile is fired from Gaza:

“We will not allow missiles to be fired from Gaza!”

“We will not allow Israeli communities to be targeted!”

“We will not allow the drizzle of rockets to resume!”

Etc., Etc., Etc.

Or when another tunnel is discovered running from Gaza into Israel:

“We will not allow Israel sovereignty to be violated!”

“We will not allow tunnels to threaten our people!”

Etc., Etc., Etc.

Everyone–especially the terrorists–realizes how hollow all of these statements are. Terrorists continue to fire missiles; terrorists continue to dig tunnels; terrorists continue to attack on the roads.

It is pathetic, pathetic, and even more pathetic.

At the funeral.

At the funeral.

May Rabbi Raziel Shevach’s memory be forever blessed.



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