The Tragedy of Sgt. Avraham Ajami: May He Be Forever Blessed

1 Shevat 5778

17 January 2018



The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . 

*The most egregious of the 50+ Palestinian terror attacks yesterday occurred at:

El Aruv, Umm Safa, Habla, Qalqilya, Abud, Abu Dis, Al-Fawwar, Mt. Hevron, Givat Assaf, Bil’in, Sha’ir, Beitin, Hizma, Neve Tzuf, Beit Haggai, on Route 465 near the bypass, along the Nahal Oz perimeter fence beside the Gaza border, Jayyus, between Beit Furik and Elon Moreh, Shechem, at Joseph’s Tomb, Burqin, Beit Sira, on the Husan Bypass near Beitar Illit, Azzun, Salem, Hawara, Hevron, Qalandiya, and Tekoa.

*Border Police raided the village of Musmus near Haifa overnight and discovered 1,400 rounds of 5.56, 7.62, and 9 mm bullets as well as a 60 mm mortar shell.

It is suspected that all of these weapons were earmarked for sale to Palestinian terrorists. You will recall that one week ago, Rabbi Raziel Shevach was murdered near Gilad Farm when he was shot with 22 5.56 bullets.

More good news from UNRWA . . .

As you know from reading israelstreet, the Jordanian offices of UNRWA , the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, fired 200 employees yesterday–a step that we called “a good start.”

The good news continued today when UNRWA announced that 158 teachers in UNRWA schools in Areas A and B of Judea and Samaria have had to be fired because of budgetary problems.

The next foot to fall will hopefully be in Palestinian Gaza where 16,000 Palestinians are employed by UNRWA–mostly as teachers promulgating anti-Israel propaganda to some 270,000 students. 

Why is UNRWA experiencing a budgetary shortfall? Because U.S. President Trump is as good as his word. Yesterday, the U.S. reduced its contribution to UNRWA by half.

The pathetic situation on the Temple Mount returns . . .

It is hard to believe what happened on the Mount yesterday.

Well, not really.

A group of 42 Jews from Mitzpe Yericho and Temple Institute went up to the Mount. Two rabbis were then attacked by dozens of Muslims including members of the Islamic Wakf.

The Israeli police arrived whereupon the Wakf claimed that 1 of the 42 Jews had prayed.

The police then unbelievably arrested that person. However, at that point, much to their credit, the other 41 Jews began praying loudly. 

All 41 of them were then arrested.

To think that all of this took place at the holiest place in Judaism is just nauseating.

The Bank of Israel finally intervenes . . .

A few days ago, the shekel crossed the 3.39 shekels to the dollar barrier.

Apparently, this was the magic line for the Bank of Israel which bought $400 million dollars yesterday, and another $150 million dollars today. The result is the shekel weakened to 3.44 for one dollar.

Obviously, the point of strengthening the dollar and weakening the shekel is to make Israeli exports more affordable to consumers.



The Tragedy of Sgt. Avraham Ajami:

May He Be Forever Blessed

The 19-year-old Sgt. Avraham Ajami back in 1987. His grave at Holon Military Cemetery yesterday.

The 19-year-old Sgt. Avraham Ajami back in 1987. His grave at Holon Military Cemetery yesterday.

“I can’t remember another such tragic case of a soldier who falls in battle, but doesn’t. Who returns home, but doesn’t. Who reunites with his family, but doesn’t. He remained in no man’s land for over 30 years. It is too hard to bear.”

The eulogy of Michael Oren at the funeral of Sgt. Avraham Ajami yesterday.

The year was 1987. 

IDF troops had entered Lebanon in an effort to protect border communities from terrorist attacks. A firefight took place in the Lebanese town of Marjayoun.

19-year-old Avraham Ajami was manning an artillery piece when an incoming shell exploded behind him. He was critically wounded when he was hit in the head by a piece of shrapnel.

He never recovered.

For the last 31 years, Avraham Ajami survived in a vegetative state. In the past few days, he developed pneumonia and died on Tuesday night. His case was remarkably similar to that of Hodaya Asulin, the young Israeli girl wounded in a Jerusalem terror attack who lay in a coma from 2011 until November of 2017 before dying.

The other eulogies at his funeral today were tragically sad.

His sister Metuka said: 

“He was a man loved by all—shy, introverted, and loved to help. Even a girlfriend he never got to have, because he was only 19 and remained 19.”

His commander praised him this way:

“He was a very special man with a lot of strength, who always smiled. When I say he had a good heart, it’s not a cliché, because he would always help everyone.”

One of his fellow soldiers recounted how Ajami was “a young and strong man with a thunderous voice, who could be heard all over the battalion. Particularly kind, full of motivation, and never refused any task at the battery.”

Sgt. Avraham Ajami:

May He Finally Rest In Peace And Be Forever Blessed


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