Thank you PM Netanyahu!

16 Nissan 5778

1 April 2018


Special Notice:

To those readers of israelstreet who celebrate the holiday, we wish you a Happy Easter with your family and friends!


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terrorism in the last 24 hours . . .

**Violent rioting continues on the Gaza border which continual attempts to breach the border fence. This morning Hamas called on “participants” from Gaza to bring mirrors to shine in the face of IDF troops, and to ignite tire fires to create a curtain of smoke to block the view of IDF snipers.

Fewer Hamas terrorists were killed yesterday as they began to realize that the IDF would actually protect the border from infiltration.

Meanwhile, you will remember that in yesterday’s israelstreet blog we noted that Hamas itself had identified 5 of the 15 Palestinians shot on the first day of rioting as members of the Hamas’ military wing–even to the point of posting their pictures online.

Today, the IDF and Shin Bet reported that at least 10 of the Palestinians were Hamas terrorists: Musab Habal, in the military wing of Hamas; Sari Abu ‘Odeh, in the military wing of  Hamas–Beit Hanun battalion; Ahmad Odeh, in the military wing of Hamas–Shati Brigade; Hamdan Abu Amsha, a Hamas activist; Mahmoud Rahmi, a Hamas activist; Muhammad Abu Abu ‘Amru, a Hamas military operative involved in tunnel excavation; Ateh a-Nabi, a member of the military wing of Hamas; Ibrahim Abu Sha’er, a global jihad activist; and Jihad Zuhair Salman Abu Gammus, a member of the Shuhada al-Aqsa terror group.

No doubt we will eventually discover that all of those killed trying to break into Israel belonged to one terror group or another. Hopefully, in the weeks to come, many other terrorists will meet their timely demise.

**Palestinian terrorists continued run amok in Judea and Samaria mounting attacks on Israeli men, women, and children in Hevron, El-Aruv, Gush Etzion, Beit Ummar, Abu Dis, El Khader, Migdalim, El Bireh, Peduel, Karmei Tzur, and on Route 443 near the Dor Alon gas station among other places.

Speaking of Judea and Samaria . . .

The IDF has named Major General Kamil Abu Roken as the new head of COGAT, the abominable IDF group that administers government activities in the territories.

Let’s hope that COGAT will become less abominable under the leadership of Abu Roken, a highly decorated Druze soldier. One thing for sure, it cannot become any worse.

Speaking of gas stations . . .

Israelis were rocked in their pocketbooks at midnight last night by a 2.75% increase in the cost of gasoline–an increase in 17 agorot per liter to 6.35 per liter of self-service and 6.55 shekels per liter for full service.

Since January 2017, the price of gasoline has risen by 55 agorot per liter.



Thank you PM Netanyahu!

Netanyahu meeting with his most trusted friends last night at his residence. These are men he commanded in his Sayeret Makal commando unit when he was in the IDF.

Netanyahu meeting with his most trusted friends last night at his residence. These are men he commanded in his Sayeret Makal commando unit when he was in the IDF and their wives.

As of midnight last night, 68-year-old Benjamin Netanyahu began his 10th consecutive year as Prime Minister of Israel–having begun his current prime ministership on March 31, 2009.

However Netanyahu was also prime minister from June 18, 1996 until July 6, 1999. In total, Netanyahu has been prime minister for 12 years and 19 days.

Along the way, Netanyahu has been elected Prime Minister four times–matching the record established by Israel’s first prime minister David Ben-Gurion. If the Netanyahu coalition makes it until next year, Netanyahu will overtake Ben-Gurion as the longest serving prime minister on July 17, 2019. Ben-Gurion’s record is 13 years and 127 days.

When you stop and consider everything that has happened since Netanyahu became prime minister in his current term of office and how many times his political obituary has been written, one has to praise him for his tenacity and for his steering of a steady course. As much as your humble servant has criticized Netanyahu over the years, it is difficult to see anyone else on the Israel political scene who possesses the experience, strategic sense, and gravitas as Netanyahu.

So today, israelstreet congratulates PM Netanyahu with hopes that his coalition will remain in office until November of next year when its term is supposed to come to an end.







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