Netanyahu Suspends the Insane “Infiltrator” Agreement Hours After Announcing It

18 Nissan 5778

3 April 2018


The Pathetically Absurd Quote of the Day

“The killing of Palestinian demonstrators by Israeli forces in Gaza is tragic. It is the right of all people to protest for a better future without a violent response . . . In my understanding, there are tens of thousands of people involved in nonviolent protest . . . Israel exaggerated its reaction.” 

Bernie Sanders, Democrat candidate for President in 2016

“Demonstrators”? “Nonviolent protest”? Which planet is Bernie Sanders living on?

Do you remember back in 2016 when Sanders was running for president that he fraudulently claimed that “over 10,000 Palestinian innocents” were killed by Israel in the 2014 war? Apparently the intervening two years have done nothing to sharpen Sanders’ mental acuity: Sanders cannot recognize Palestinian violence when he sees it.

Another "peaceful", "non-violent", "demonstrator" yesterday after setting fire to an area near the border fence. Hamas ordered its members to set fires to create smoke cover for other terrorists trying to blow up the fence.

Another “peaceful”, “non-violent”, “demonstrator” yesterday after setting fire to an area near the border fence. Hamas ordered its members to set fires to create smoke cover for other terrorists trying to blow up our soldiers along the fence.

His quote is particularly pathetic in light of the rush of terror organizations in Gaza to point out their members (terrorists) who were killed (see below) while attempting to shoot or blow up our soldiers.



The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terrorism in the last 24 hours . . .

An attempted bulldozer attack, continued attempts to breach the Gaza Border fence, “rock” and Molotov attacks, arson, shootings, attempted stabbings: the last 24 hours have seen a panoply of Palestinian terrorism in every direction.

Just after 7 am this morning, a Palestinian terrorist attempted to carry out a bulldozer (car-ramming) attack on soldiers standing at a bus stop at the Giti Avasar Junction near Ariel. Fortunately, obstruction posts blocked the car; the terrorist was shot and killed by the soldiers.

The attack at Giti Avasar this morning: note the yellow posts that stopped the car from running over the soldiers.

The attack at Giti Avasar this morning: note the yellow posts that stopped the car from running over the soldiers.

On the Gaza border, violent riots continue with three more terrorists captured this morning while trying to breach the border fence.

A total of 18 terrorists have now been eliminated. The latest to die yesterday was a member of Islamic Jihad who was shot Saturday while shooting at IDF soldiers. Among the other 17 dead are: 5 terrorists from Hamas, 2 terrorists from the Qassam Brigades, 3 terrorists from the PLO (Fatah), 2 terrorists from “Democratic Front” Iranian faction, 1 terrorist from the so-called “Resistance Committee”,  and one terrorist from Hada Al-Aqsa Liwa Alaamodi, an offshoot of Fatah.

It’s a who’s who of terror groups. 

If you can believe this, these groups are looking upon the deaths of terrorists associated with so many groups as a “grand achievement.” The general sentiment seems to be “thank goodness at least one of our members got killed.”

Palestinian terrorists targeted Israeli men, women, and children with”rocks” and Molotov at such places as Azzun and Har Bracha in Samaria, Ein Yabrud and Turmusayya in Binyamin, and Abu Dis in Judea.

The worst attack of the day came at the old British Police Junction in Binyamin. A 31-year-old man who was driving his car through the junction, was assaulted with “rocks”. He had to be evacuated to Hadassah Medical Center on Mt. Scopus suffering from severe chest wounds and various points of internal bleeding. He is listed in “serious” condition today.

More Palestinian population numbers . . .

A consortium of Lebanese government bureaus and the Palestinian Central Statistical Mechanism of the Palestinian Authority has determined that there were 174,422 Palestinians in Lebanon as of December 31, 2017.

Interestingly, as of the same date there were 2,117,361 registered Palestinians in Jordan.

To put it a different way, there are roughly the same number of “Palestinians” living in Lebanon and Jordan as there are “Palestinians” living in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. 

Why aren’t those people in Lebanon and Jordan simply called “Lebanese” or “Jordanians”? 

For the same reason that so-called “Palestinians” living elsewhere are not called Saudis, or Emirati, or Syrians. Every Arab country detests the Palestinians–and would like nothing better than to kick them out to Israel.

Speaking of interesting population numbers . . .

A Syrian website reported yesterday that Immigration and Passport Department in Damascus recently issued 200,000 passports to residents of Iran and those “soldiers” working for Iran.

According that website (Zaman al-Wassal), the purpose of this issuance is to “turn Iranian soldiers and other Shiite militia fighters brought by Iran to Syria (including those from Pakistan and Afghanistan) into Syrian citizens.”

The Trump Administration gives and it takes away . . .

–We would be greatly remiss not to thank the Trump Administration for standing up for Israel in the U.N. Security Council on Saturday.

It was the U.S., and only the U.S., that blocked the one sided resolution proposed by Kuwait to investigate what is happening on the Gaza border.

In thanking the U.S., Israel’s Ambassador the U.N. Danny Danon remarked:

“I was shocked to see the extent of such hypocrisy, and hear European representatives equating the State of Israel with a terrorist organization and calling on both sides to show restraint. That is hypocrisy. In another country there would have been hundreds dead, not a dozen. We don’t need to abide with any inspection, we know how to inspect ourselves.”

On the other hand, we would also be remiss not to severely criticize the Trump Justice Department for arguing for Palestinian terrorists before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Back in 2015, a federal court ordered the PLO to pay 11 American families whose relatives had been killed by Palestinian terrorists between 2002-2004 some $655 million dollars. The decision was made under the provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

That decision was subsequently overturned at the U.S. Court of Appeals on the bizarre basis that the terrorist attacks occurred outside the U.S. and were not specifically directed at Americans.

Believe it or not, lawyers from the Trump Justice Department argued in favor of the Palestinian position that the PLO should not be held responsible, and yesterday the Supreme Court declined to overturn the Appeals Court decisionthereby letting the PLO off the hook.

So now we have the ludicrous situation in which unless a terror group announces that it is targeting Americans and carries out the attack on U.S. soil, it cannot be held financially responsible.

Nitzana Darshan-Litner, the lawyer who fought for compensation for the families had this to say after the ruling:

“The Supreme Court’s decision not only harms the rights of the victims to be repaid from those responsible for their losses, but also in the entire war on terror system . . . [Nevertheless] we will not rest until the terror victims receive the compensation they deserve.” 



Netanyahu Suspends the Insane “Infiltrator” Agreement

Hours After Announcing It

Living here in Israel, we often feel that we careen from one crisis to another. Just four days ago it was the Gaza border; this morning it is the African infiltrators; tomorrow it will probably be the Gaza border again. Or the Lebanese border, or the Syrian border, or who knows what?

Yesterday afternoon came the blockbuster news that Israel had agreed to an “infiltrator compromise” with the loathsome United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Basically put, the compromise seemed to be that the UNHCR would agree that Israel could deport 16,000 single, African infiltrators currently living in Israel to various European countries, notably Germany. In return, Israel would agree to give visas to the approximately 23,000 infiltrators remaining in Israel, try to find work for  them, and even disperse them proportionately around the country.

Everything seemed to be set, and the announcement was made.

And then the earthquake hit.

Virtually every member of the Netanyahu coalition accused the prime minister of selling out. Naftali Bennett proclaimed that Netanyahu was turning Israel into a “paradise for infiltrators”; Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked who should have been involved in the negotiations said she had no idea they had even taken place; Interior Minister Deri intoned that “Israel had caved into the extreme left”, and on and on.

Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel weighed in declaring that no one had told her about any infiltrators coming to Germany– amidst angry German newspaper columns condemning any such move.

By 10:00 pm last night, the earthquake had hit seismic proportions and Netanyahu was forced to suspend the agreement for the time being–at least until he has a chance to talk with the residents of south Tel Aviv (where most of the Africans live) who are infuriated over the possible agreement.

The truth is that every Israeli who cares anything about Israel as a Jewish state should be mortified by the Agreement.

In the first place, why in the world did Israel feel obliged to negotiate with the UNHCR–the most anti-Israel organization in the United Nations?

In the second place, why did Israel allow the UNHCR to dictate terms to us? Not only did Israel agree on how many to deport, but we also incredibly agreed to where the UNCHR told us that the undeported should live. 

In the third place, this Agreement is the direct result of George Soros and his friends at the New Israel Fund–all of whom brought as much pressure as they could on Rwanda to stop taking African deportees from Israel. To go along with the UNCHR nonsense is to lie down in the face of Soros and the NIF.

In this latter regard, let’s review the infiltrator situation.

There is no evidence that there was any concerted attempt on the part of any group to push Muslim African migrants toward Israel. But once they were here in the tens of thousands, the situation dramatically changed.

Suddenly, “humanitarians” the world over piled on Israel for attempting to deport them.


Because these so-called “humanitarian” and “human rights” groups, along with Soros and the NIF want a non-Jewish Israel. To put it more bluntly, they seek the end of the Jewish state of Israel.

In this instance they seek to do it demographically by keeping a large foreign Muslim population into the country which happens to have an extraordinarily high birthrate. They want these Muslims spread out over the entire country in order to undermine the government whenever and however possible.

It is an appalling situation, and one can only hope that Netanyahu will come to his senses. There is no evidence that any of these infiltrators face persecution back in the home countries of Sudan, Eritrea, and the like.

They should be sent back home forthwith.


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