President Obama: Working Hard To Isolate Israel Again

UPDATE (6:00 pm Saturday): Hamas terrorists in Gaza fired a Grad rocket at Beersheva this morning. No further info. Post-Land day skirmishes continue–again with widely differing reports of the number of rioters injured yesterday, ranging from the Israeli security number of 50 to the Red Crescent number of 340.


Why the Obama Administration’s sheer willingness to throw Israel under the bus continues to amaze people is a source of bafflement to your humble servant.

From the outset of President Obama’s term in office, he embarked on a course of isolating Israel over construction of Jewish homes, schools, and hospitals in Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria, and undermining the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

And insofar as making Israel a pariah,  he very nearly succeeded. Even as covert security collaboration between Israel and the U.S. increased and the U.S. supported Israel in some very public arenas (such as in the United Nations), negotiations with the Palestinians stalled, and Israel was roundly condemned by countries far and wide.

Much of that condemnation continues until today–though President Obama himself has softened his public tone in advance of U.S. elections in November.

Nevertheless, the last month has seen Israel’s main ally again acting like no ally should act. 

This latest round began with President Obama’s now infamous “I’ve got Israel’s back” statement at AIPAC in which he appeared to give Israel support in the context of Iran–only to rephrase that the next morning by saying that he didn’t mean anything special–and that he had just been referring to the fact that the U.S. supports Israel no more and no less than it does Japan or South Korea.

Then came the news that the U.S. Defense Department was going to sell Israel 1000 of  its GBU-28 and/or GBU-39  bunker busting bombs along with advanced refueling aircraft–only to have Obama officials rush out shortly thereafter to deny that any special armaments were going to be sold to Israel at all.

This week has seen the continued undermining of Israel’s strategic position concerning Iran by the Obama Administration revealing to the public that Azerbaijan has agreed to let Israeli aircraft use Azeri air force bases.

The “unnamed” Obama official angrily and crudely put it this way: “Israel has purchased new air force bases. The name of those bases is Azerbaijan.”

Obviously, President Obama is doing everything within his power to stop Israel from attacking Iran–even to the point of undermining Israel’s strategic position and again isolating Israel on the world political stage.

And why would President Obama want to isolate Israel? That’s easy–by isolating Israel and making Israel ever more dependent on the United States, the American administration hopes that it can wring more concessions out of PM Netanyahu.

Given this context, the most recent American revelations about Azerbaijani-Israeli cooperation should surprise no one.


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