“The Worst Catastrophe Ever To Befall The Peoples Of The World”

UPDATE 6 pm Israel time Friday.

It was a tough morning on the Gaza border.  At 4 am, a Palestinian terrorist from the Gazan village of Abassan reached the security fence near Kissufim, cut through it setting off an alarm, and infiltrated Israel.  A force of the Golani Brigade intercepted and engaged the terrorist; in the ensuing firefight Staff Sergeant Nathaniel Moshiasvilli, a 21 year old combat medic from Ashkelon, was killed–as was the terrorist.

Staff Seargeant Nathaniel Moshiasvilli who was killed this morning stopping a Palestinian terrorist from Gaza.

Sgt. Moshiasvilli was buried at noon in the Ashkelon Military Cemetery with hundreds in attendance.

At around 6 am, Palestinians fired three mortar shells at the residents of Kissufim. Subsequently IAF helicopters struck “targets” east of Khan Younis.

At 4:19 this afternoon, a mob of some 250 Palestinians, Israeli leftists, and international lawbreakers assaulted IDF security personnel at Beit Awa near Hevron with Molotov cocktails, burning tires, and “rocks.”


The ongoing attempt to rehabilitate Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood continues to gather steam. In light of the fact that the Brotherhood now controls the Egyptian Parliament and is on the verge of having its candidate Mohammed Mursi elected President, everyone from the European Union to the Obama White House has been falling all over themselves to engage the Brotherhood–because it is now suddenly the voice of “moderation.”

Even Israeli officials have expressed optimism that a Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian government will reach accommodation with Israel (despite the fact that Mursi has repeatedly said he will never meet with “the Zionists”), and the treaty between Egypt and Israel will be honored and not abrogated.

In this context, consider the written comments of Mohammed Badie, the head of Muslim Brotherhood, on the occasion of Palestinian Nakba Day on May 17th:

“On this day, like every year, the Arab and Islamic nations remember the worst catastrophe ever to befall the peoples of the world. We demand the international community rectify the historic injustice and pressure the government of the Zionist entity to withdraw from the land of Palestine.

We have toppled the most repressive regimes with purpose and determination. We have begun the era of liberation of all peoples, first of all the Palestinian people, [suffering from] the worst occupation known to man – the Zionist occupation.”

Mohammed Badie, head of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood: the so-called "voice of moderation."

Israel’s creation was the worst catastrophe ever to befall the peoples of the world? The Zionist entity? The Zionist occupation?

The idea that the Muslim Brotherhood will ever be a force for moderation in the Middle East or anywhere is the height of delusion.

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