The Palestinians’ Ludicrous Attempts to Judaize Themselves

UPDATE 10 am Israel time Thursday:

No Palestinian terrorism reported overnight.

After eight days of closure to Jews because of Muslim celebrations, the Temple Mount reopened for Jewish worshipers yesterday. The first Jewish group that entered the Mount was greeted by garbage strewn everywhere and Hamas flags flying from the trees in the courtyard between the Al-Aksa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.

Hamas flags fly from the top of one of the trees on the Temple Mount--Judaism's holiest site.

How in good conscience can the Jerusalem police not allow Israeli flags at Judaism’s holiest site and allow Muslims to “decorate” the Mount with Hamas flags? Simply unbelievable.


Your humble servant has been struck yet again this week by the extraordinary attempt of so-called Palestinian “human rights” supporters to describe Palestinians as Israelites,  and Palestinians to recast themselves as Jews. 

From the Sacramento City Council in California where an anti-Israel “activist” vehemently ranted that the Palestinians are “the David” and Israel is the “brutal Philistine Goliath” . . . to a new operatic production of Camille Saint-Saens’s “Samson et Dalila” in Antwerp, Belgium in which “the Philistines oppressing the Hebrews [are] portrayed as Israelis and the Hebrews as the Palestinians” (see excellent article that is the source of this quotation), Palestinian apologists feel free to turn history and art on its head in the pursuit of mendacious propaganda.

In a previous blog (see Brazenly Usurping the History of Israel/July 28, 2011), I pointed out how this effort to Judaize the Palestinians is not some random happening but is part of a concerted Palestinian campaign to rewrite history. In that piece I quoted Hamdan Taha, the Director of the Palestinian Antiquities Department, discussing “Palestinian archaeology” in the area of Shechem (Nablus):   

“All of the periods in local history, including that of the biblical Israelites are part of Palestinian history. Digs like the one in Nablus give Palestinians the opportunity to participate in writing or rewriting the history of Palestine from its primary sources.”

This week we have had the ultimate irony. While the Palestinians and their Arab friends have stepped up their bewailing of Israel’s “attempt to Judaize Jerusalem”, the Palestinians through their PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas have stepped up their attempts to rebrand the Palestinian claims to Jerusalem in Judaic terms.

Yesterday, this blog reported how Abbas had begun his Eid al-Fitr celebration by saying that next year’s celebration would be moved from Ramallah to “Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine.” He then proceeded to lead the crowd in the Jewish chant of “Next year in Jerusalem.” In further remarks yesterday, he referred to Jerusalem in Jewish terms as “our beautiful city, our eternal capital.”

And Abbas uttered all of this while at the same time refusing to acknowledge that Jews have any historical connection to Jerusalem at all (making reference to the “alleged Jewish temple”).  Never mind that the First Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount of Israel’s capital of Jerusalem was built some 1,600 years before Islam even existed, and that the Second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was built on the site of the First Temple 1,207 years before the Al-Aksa Mosque and Dome of the Rock were built on and from the ruins of the Jewish Temples by an Umayyad Caliph whose capital was in Damascus. Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinians cannot be bothered with such trivial historical details.

The simple fact is that the Palestinians have no history.

Ask yourself who were the great Palestinians of history? Who were the Palestinian artists? writers? thinkers? political leaders? religionists? Can you even name one Palestinian Arab who existed before 1900? Of course not–because there were none. 

There were Arabs who lived in “Palestine” (as the Romans renamed “Judea” in 135 CE in an attempt to erase Judaism from the face of the world), and there were Egyptian Arabs, and Syrian Arabs, and other a myriad of other Arabs who migrated in and out of “Palestine”, but there was no group of people who ever thought of themselves as “Palestinians.”

So now we have the ridiculous circumstance of the Palestinians busily trying to turn themselves into Jews in order to create for themselves a 3300 year history in the land of Israel, and Palestinian apologists busily trying to turn Palestinians into Jews in order to give Palestinians international credibility and garner international sympathy.

Sometimes your humble servant doesn’t know whether to laugh, or cry out at the world for listening to such blathering nonsense.

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