How Tzipi Livni Is Using Her Legislative Power To Undermine Israel

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Wednesday, February 26 2014:

*It has been a typical day in Israel with the capture of armed Palestinian terrorists who breached the Gaza fence, Palestinian “rock” assaults on Israeli motorists in the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem, Arab League threats against Israel concerning the Temple Mount, Hezbollah threats against Israel concerning the attack on the Hezbollah convoy ferrying Syrian missiles into Lebanon two nights ago, and an alarm for incoming rockets from the Sinai in Eilat.


Making a new law in Israel is not an easy process. 

First a law must be proposed in a Knesset committee. Then it must be approved by the committee. Afterwards, it goes to the Ministerial Committee for Legislation for approval before it can be taken to the the floor of the Knesset and put on the legislative agenda. Once in the Knesset General Assembly, it must be approved in a “first reading”, then a “second reading”, and finally a “third reading.”

At any step along the way, appeals can be filed against the proposed law that can slow down or even stall its consideration. Obviously, the people who have the most power to torpedo a proposed law are the Israel Justice Minister and the head of the Ministerial Committee for Legislation.

The problem in the current Netanyahu government, a problem intentionally created by PM Netanyahu, is that the Israel Justice Minister and the head of the Ministerial Committee for Legislation are the same person. 

Tzipi Livni. 

In essence, Netanyahu has given Livni a chokehold over all legislation, and Livni is wielding her power to choke off any legislation that disagrees with her leftist agenda.

Take for example, the proposed NGO Law. This law first came up for consideration in the Knesset Interior Committee chaired by Miri Regev back in December of last year–a committee that Tzipi Livni is also a member of.

The NGO Law would impose a 45% tax on non–profit foundations and organizations that receive foreign donations and participate in the following anti-Israel activities:

*Advocating boycotts, divestments, and sanctions against Israel and its citizens

*Calling for the trial of IDF soldiers in international courts

*Denying Israel’s existence a Jewish and democratic country

*Supporting armed struggle against Israel

After a violent committee debate in which the proposed law was opposed by Livni and her cohorts, the NGO law was nevertheless approved to be sent to the Ministerial Committee for Legislation which Livni heads. Immediately, Livni vowed to block the proposed law.

And so the proposed law–one that is badly needed to stop the perverse and virulent attacks within Israel by international NGOs–sits, going nowhere.

This morning Regev’s committee approved–again over the objections of Livni–an amendment to the proposed law that would prevent NGOs engaged in the above described activities from registering with the Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits.

Once again, Livni was quick to pounce and vowed to continue to keep the proposed law bottled up in her Ministerial Committee for Legislation.

And unfortunately, she has the power to do it–a power that was handed her on a silver platter by Benjamin Netanyahu. 


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