Amnesty International: No Right of Self Defense For Israelis

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Thursday, February 27 2014:

*The bottomless pusillanimity of Benjamin Netanyahu has been on full display again today as the Prime Minister’s Office has pathetically rushed out to assure the Arab world that Israel will not change the status quo on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem–a status quo that prohibits Jewish worshipers from praying at Judaism’s holiest place and prevents Israeli citizens from carrying an Israeli flag to a place that is supposed to be under complete Israeli sovereignty. 

This craven action by Netanyahu is in response to the Knesset discussion yesterday about making it easier for Jews to visit the Mount–a discussion initiated by a member of Netanyahu’s own party–Likud MK Moshe Feiglin.

*A leading terrorist in the so-called Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) was killed by Israeli forces this morning near Ramallah when he refused to surrender to a special Arabic speaking unit of the IDF. The PFLP has become increasingly involved in terror activities throughout Judea and Samaria.


Amnesty International: Palestinian "protests" do not pose a threat to IDF soldiers.

Amnesty International: Palestinian “protests” do not pose a threat to IDF soldiers.

In an amazingly biased report issued today entitled “Trigger-Happy: Israel’ Use of Excessive Force in the West Bank” which exemplifies the worst of yellow journalism, Amnesty International accused Israel of everything from using “arbitrary and abusive force against peaceful protesters” to “willful killings” that constitute “war crimes.”

The report attempts a pretense of objectivity by giving a vast number of statistics related to Palestinian victimhood, yet these statistics are primarily taken from United Nations’ reports which in turn are taken from the Palestinian propaganda machine. In other words, none of these supposed “statistics” can be verified.

But not only does the Amnesty report give unverifiable statistics to paint the poor Palestinians as victims, it completely omits any mention of Palestinian terror attacks on Israeli civilian and soldiers.

In fact, the report devolves quickly into pure, biased subjectivity by including comments such as “those wounded or killed by IDF troops did not appear to pose a direct and immediate threat to Israeli soldiers.”

Really? And how would Amnesty International know that? One wonders how Amnesty International, without ever appearing on the front lines of violent riots, could possibly evaluate whether Palestinian rioters throwing IEDs, Molotov cocktails, “rocks”, and incendiary objects of all kinds at Israeli soldiers posed “a direct and immediate threat.”

And what is Amnesty International’s easy solution for the “problem”? Disarm Israelis. The report calls on the United States, European Union, and rest of the international community to immediately stop selling any sort of arms to Israelis.

Yigal Palmer of the Israel Foreign Ministry accurately summed up the report by commenting: “Amnesty takes to making up its own laws. In their frenzied public relations stunt to grab a quick headline, they innovate in the legal realm: no right of self-defense under fire for Israelis.”

Addendum: Your humble servant has often written in this blog about how the IDF spokesman’s office tries to minimize the number of Palestinian “rock” throwing attacks taking place in Judea and Samaria against Israeli civilians. Finally today, a more accurate number was given in order to respond to the Amnesty report.

No mention of attacks like these in the Amnesty report (picture:

No mention of attacks like these in the Amnesty report (picture:

According to the IDF spokesman, more than 5000 “rock” throwing attacks took place in 2013. 

More than 5000. More than 13 per day. Remember this number the next time you hear someone criticize Jewish community members in Judea and Samaria. 


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