Qatar Expels Meshaal And Withdraws Support For Hamas? Not likely.

7 pm Israel time, Tuesday, January 6 2015

68 Days Until The Election


***The big winter storm has begun to bear down on Israel with emergency headquarters now set up in Jerusalem to handle the snowfall expected to sock the capital.

Heavy winds are beginning to bring the storm ashore. This scene is from Stern St. in Jerusalem (photo: Walla).

Heavy winds are beginning to bring the storm ashore. This scene is from Stern St. in Jerusalem (photo: Walla).

Trees are being blown down in many locations:

This tree hit the street a few hours ago in Tel Aviv (photo: Walla).

This tree hit the street a few hours ago in Tel Aviv (photo: Walla).

***Palestinians report that there have been violent clashes in Gaza early this evening involving supporters of Mahmoud Abbas and those of his chief challenger, Mohammed Dahlan who is supported by Hamas.

This violence is taking place amidst the wave of arrests of Hamas terrorists carried out in recent weeks in Judea and Samara by the PLO and by the IDF–and the wave of arrests of PLO/Fatah members in Gaza by Hamas.  To paraphrase an old movie, whatever reconciliation existed between the PLO and Hamas appears to have gone with the wind.

***Hossam Kawasma, the commander of the terrorist cell that kidnapped and murdered the three teenagers in June, has been sentenced to three life sentences in Israeli prison. How long he will actually stay in prison will depend on how long it takes for another Israeli government  to release more terrorist murderers.

Meanwhile, the terrorist who killed the 60 year old man on the road in Samaria last month has been indicted for murder. Unbelievably, there are any number of Israeli NGOs rushing to defend him. 


Much ado is being made today about the apparent decision of Qatar to expel Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal from his residence in Doha (“apparent” because the Qataris continue to deny it).

The conventional line of thinking is that Meshaal is being expelled because of Qatar’s attempt to reconcile with Egypt–a reconciliation that supposedly cannot take place as long as Qatar is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood through its proxy Hamas.

But is Meshaal really being expelled? And is Qatar really withdrawing its support for Hamas? Of course not.

Meshaal is apparently headed for Turkey which has long colluded with Qatar and has encouraged the terrorist Hamas organization to set up shop there.

The gruesome terrorist incident this past summer in which 3 Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and murdered was planned by Palestinian Hamas terrorists in Turkey–with the full knowledge and financial backing of Turkey and Qatar.

You may remember that during the summer war with Hamas, israelstreet documented in detail how Qatar ferried weapons from Libya to Gaza, helped Hamas set up its tunnel network under Gaza, funded the development of Hamas’ automated missile launch system, and then sustained Hamas by issuing an endless stream of propaganda from its Al-Jazeera television network.

When the war wound down, it was Qatar and Turkey that sought to take control of the “negotiations” between Hamas and Israel–an attempt that was fully supported by the United States. 

When that attempt proved futile because of Egypt, the Qataris and Turks refocused their efforts on provoking unrest in Jerusalem. It is no secret that many of the problems now taking place on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem are a direct result of the same group of Hamas terrorists who set in motion the kidnapping and murders of the Israeli teenagers.

What is the bottom line? Any news suggesting that Meshaal has been “expelled” or that Qatar has withdrawn its support of Hamas must be taken with an intense dose of salt. And any notion that the Egyptians really believe that Qatar has reformed its ways is absurd.



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