From BDS Support To Anti-Semitic Hate Crime: UC-Davis Slides Into the Cesspool


8:00 pm Israel time, Sunday, February 1 2015

43 Days Until The Election

***The One Voice Movement’s  (OVM) attempt–through the V15 NGO–to replace Benjamin Netanyahu has made it to the front page of Israeli news after all. In previous blogs, we have shown how OVM is funded in part by the U.S. State Department, and how OVM has hired top Obama political field commander Jeremy Bird to get Herzog and Livni elected.

Earlier today, at a press conference in Tel Aviv, Likud stalwarts Miri Regev, Tzipi Hotovely, Ophir Akunis, and Yariv Levin–along with PM Netanyahu’s personal lawyer–presented evidence connecting Herzog and Livni’s so-called “Zionist” Union to OVM/V15.

They pointed out that campaign laws are being violated because OVM is receiving money–as reported previously on israelstreet–from foreign governments such as the U.S. State Department, and other foreign entitites.

***There have been scores of terrorist incidents throughout Israel today ranging from rioting on the Gaza border, to hit and run vehicle attacks in Samaria, to a capture of a knife-wielding Palestinian at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

A mortar attack and explosions have been heard in the northern Sinai in the last hour, and Hamas has announced (as if it really needed to) that it is now cooperating with Iran to rid “Palestine” of the “Zionist occupation.”


Unfortunately, the town in the United States in which your humble servant lives for half of each year, Davis, California,  has become a focal point of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic acts. Davis is home to the University of California, Davis.

In the past week alone:

*The ASUCD (Association of UCD Students) has voted (8 for, 2 against, and 2 abstaining) to support divestment from companies that “assist in the Israel occupation of Palestine”.

The vote was not surprising because following years of defeats of such motions, Muslim students on campus worked hard to get Muslim students elected to the Senate Council that votes on such issues.

Following that vote, one of those Muslim students on the Council, Azka Fayyaz, gleefully wrote on her Facebook page: “Hamas & Shariah law have taken over UC Davis.”

In the picture below, note the display of Palestinian flags in the Senate Council chamber during the discussion about divestment:

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2_51_59 PM

The vote was also unsurprising because anti-Semitic intimidation has gripped UC-Davis. President of Cal Aggies For Israel, Julia Reifkind, harshly criticized UCD administrators when she spoke against the resolution in the Senate Council for doing nothing to stop “a plague” of anti-Semitism on campus.

*In a perversely ironic follow-up to the vote on Thursday and Reifkind’s statement, the local Jewish fraternity of AEPi was hit by anti-Semitic vandals early yesterday morning. AEPi  vice president  Nathaniel Bernhard told the Sacramento Bee newspaper: “Jewish people still can’t feel safe on their own campuses and in their own houses.”

One of 2 swastikas on the wall of the Jewish fraternity house at UC-Davis.

One of 2 swastikas on the wall of the Jewish fraternity house at UC-Davis.

Israelstreet urges the following actions today:

*immediately tweet @ucdavis (and) @lindakatehi demanding action to address anti-Semitism on campus. Linda Katehi is Chancellor of UCD.

*sign the petition at Aggies Demand Action:

*contact the UCD police and express your concerns, call: 530-754-2677

What has happened at UC-Davis is similar to what is happening on university campuses everywhere. The situation is only getting worse.  





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