Humiliation, Guilt, A Confession of Murder: The Turkish Agreement

21 Sivan 5776

Monday, June 28 2016


Blog synopsis: Everyday Israelis feel humiliated by the impending agreement with Turkey.

UPDATES 5:00 am Israel Time

…The news you won’t read elsewhere: Palestinian terrorism yesterday…

From early in the morning at 5:53 am when Palestinian arsonists set fires around Karmi Tzur until late last night at 11:24 pm when Palestinian terrorists threw Molotov firebombs at vehicles in Gush Etzion, Sunday was another day of nonstop terrorism.

Following Israel’s absurd permitting of more than a million Muslim worshipers on the Temple Mount during this month of Ramadan, Palestinian terrorists initiated riots there yesterday. Police and Border Guards were pelted with every kind of projectile available; 4 terrorists were captured and arrested.

4 terrorists. Just 4. 

Meanwhile, other terrorists attacked with “rocks” on Route 443, at the Beit Einun Junction, in Halhul, on the Husan Bypass Road, in Basooya, in Al-Khader, and in numerous other locations.

…The Judean and Samarian fact of the day…

Where does the word “Samaria” come from?

As you may not know, Samaria (the anglicization of the Hebrew word “Shomron”) was named approximately 2800 years ago for Shemer, the man who owned a hilltop piece of land northwest of the current city of Shechem (Nablus). In the early ninth century, Israelite King Omri bought the land for two talents of silver (1 Kings 16:24) and made Samaria the capital of the northern kingdom of Israel.

Today Israelis refer to the hilltop and all of the area around it (which encompasses some 35 Jewish towns and communities as “the Shomron.”


Note that the Homesh community is in red. Incredibly, Ariel Sharon agreed to evacuate and destroy it as part of his unilateral disengagement from Gaza in August of 2005. Even today, more than a decade later, the former residents of Homesh are still fighting in the courts to reestablish their community. Also note that just south of Homesh (northwest of Shechem), Shave Shomron is the location of the ancient Jewish capital. Shave Shomron is beside the Palestinian-occupied village of Sabastiyeh. 

The ruins of the ancient capital can still be seen in the area. Part of the grand promenade leading into the ancient capital:


A photo of the forum of the ancient Jewish capital:

(Photo source on photograph).

(Photo source on photograph).

In short, the Shomron (Samaria) is part of the ancestral homeland of the Jews.

…Israel finally moves toward a 5-day work week…

As you probably know, Israel is one of the few countries in the world which still maintains a six-day work week (from Sunday to Friday–though it would be more accurate to say a 5 1/2 day week since few salaried workers work on Friday afternoon). The average Israeli worker is on the job 43 hours per week.

Yesterday, a ministerial committee approved for sending to the Knesset a new law which mandates that Israeli workers will be given 6 three-day weekends per year. The extra time off would apply to school children as well so that more family time would be available.


To say that the Agreement between Turkey and Israel has ignited a firestorm of protest in this country would be an understatement. Nevertheless, PM Netanyahu easily has enough stalwarts in his political-security cabinet to ensure that the Agreement will be approved.

However, everyone from the families of the soldiers whose body parts are still held in Gaza to members of Netanyahu’s coalition have blasted the “Reconciliation Agreement”–mostly along the lines of what we outlined in this blog yesterday.

Three reactions to the Agreement constitute our blog today and sum up your humble servant’s opinion.

1. From one of the soldiers who was wounded aboard the Mavi Marmara:

“We were sent to stop a flotilla of terror; it was a mission. How is it possible today to pay compensation to terrorists who tried to kill us?  What kind of message does it convey to the rest of the fighters especially those wounded in action? Are our naval commandos also to be compensated for the trauma of the event?”

Absolutely correct.

2. From Gideon Sa’ar, former Likud leader, considered an up and coming star in Israeli politics:

“This is a national humiliation and an invitation to further flotillas and additional attacks against the state of Israel.”


3. From the despicable Israeli-Arab Knesset Legislator Hanin Zoabi, who travels the world delegitimizing Israel and who traveled in the Mavi Marmara fauxtilla:

“Israel’s consent to transfer $ 21 million to the Turks is a clear admission of guilt. . . It is a confession of murder of nine people, the wounding of dozens, and piracy at sea.”

Much as your humble servant hates to say it, Zoabi is absolutely correct.

PM Netanyahu along with anyone else in the cabinet who votes for this “Agreement” should hang their heads in shame.


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